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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 12/1/97

by Dani


Gail calls Scott from GH, informing him that Serena didn't feel well enough to stay in school. Ruling out physical causes, Scott worries that it may be emotional. Gail asks that someone come and watch Serena while she attends to an emergency patient. Scott tells Kevin that Lucy could go to Serena on the way to Danielle's service, but Kevin offers to go instead so that Lucy can stay with Jake. Lucy asks Jake if she may put Dominique's pin (an angel) on Danielle's dress so that the sister's will find each other in Heaven. Jake agrees. Kevin and Scott talk about getting over the death of a loved one. Seeing Jake makes Scott realize just how far he has come since Dominique. Again, Scott tries to get Kevin to agree to Lucy's plan. No way, Kevin says, we're about to bury the last woman that "got close" to Rex.

Bennett runs into Eve, teasing her about avoiding him. She reminds him that she's got a funeral to attend. He says that time heals, but not in the way we think it will. Eve mentions speaking to Nicole and that telling her that Bennett never loved her was not what Nicole wanted to hear, in fact, Nicole almost took her head off. Bennett thanks her anyway, saying that he has to believe he can save the marriage.

Chris calls Nicole for a lunch date.

Rex is telling the funeral director that he'd like to say a few words in tribute to Danielle, when Jake interrupts with, "Like hell you are. You're not going to say anything about Danielle."

Act I

Lucy restrains Jake, who forbids Rex to make some self-serving eulogy. Rex points out that he took Danielle off the street, that he fed and clothed her. As accusations start to fly, the funeral director asks them to put aside their differences for the service.

Lee tells Scott that he got Danielle's toxicology reports and that she was not on drugs or drunk. There was nothing suspicious about the car either, but he promises that his contacts at the police station are still on the alert. Neither Scott nor Lee is ready to give up. Scott says that Rex can't roll around in the dirt and come up clean.

Kevin asks Serena about her stomach aches, and if they occur in the morning before school. He gets her to admit that she hates school and never wants to go back. She confesses that the kids at school are mean and say that her daddy is a criminal and that she'll have to live with Rex. Though Kevin tries to reassure her, she vows to run away if she has to live with Rex. Kevin asks her to promise him she won't run away.

Act II

Kevin tells Scott about his visit with Serena. Scott hates the fact that Serena wants to run away. Kevin is worried enough about her emotional state to agree that they have to stop Rex and soon. He agrees to go along with Lucy's plan. Lucy is elated and they plan to start right away at the funeral with a fight between her and Scott.

Chris and Nicole get out of bed, he with a funeral to attend and she with a conference call to her divorce lawyers. Her lawyers want her to take Bennett to the cleaners and Chris is all for that. Nicole doesn't want to be vindictive, just to be done with it. They hear a noise and Chris tells her it may be his roommate. Nicole is not pleasantly surprised that it's a woman. Chris goes out to shoo Eve away, and Eve kids him that there must be a girl in his room. He calls her bluff and Eve leaves. Nicole emerges from the bedroom, quite upset that Chris has neglected to tell her that Eve is his roomie. Chris protests that their relationship isn't intimate, but Nicole says that she feels like an idiot and leaves.

The funeral home is somber. Julie and Frank sit by Joe and Karen right behind Jake, Ellen and Matt. Kevin, Lucy and Scott arrive and Rex is seated alone. After asking Jake if he is ready to start, the director begins to pray while Scott gives Rex the evil eye.


Rex says a few words, that he didn't know Danielle for that long, but that he was close to her and that she died too soon. Adieu, rest in peace. Jake is choked up. He says that everyone there had mixed feelings about Danielle, that it was no secret she was suing Scott Baldwin for custody of Serena, but that Danielle was the kindest person he'd ever met, and that when she discovered how she was being lied to and used, she went straight to Scott, trying to do the right thing. He finishes with, "There was nothing but good in her heart." The director finishes the service and everyone gets up to leave. Jake touches his fingers to his lips and then places them on Danielle's picture. As he leaves the parlor, he is surrounded by the GH staff and their support. Rex is confronted by Scott and Lucy attempts to quiet him in vain. They end up quarreling noisily while the interns look on, perplexed.

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