Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Thursday 11/27/97

by Dani


Joe, Grace, and Matt pick up Julie for dinner. Julie is understandably concerned about her parent's behavior. Ellen tells Julie she has to stay, but Jake offers to fill in for her.

Mike helps Mary in the kitchen and "accidentally" spikes the gravy. (On General Hospital, he had gone to Brenda's new home to ask her to come to dinner, but Brenda declined.) When Joe and Karen arrive, there is some hesitation about celebrating so soon after Danielle's death, but soon Mary has their spirits lifted.

Act I

Julie and Frank arrive with Grace and Matt. Chris soon follows with wine. Mary makes a crack about the boys playing nice just before Nicole arrives.

Ellen commends Jake for his dedication, but tells him that she'll be there for him if it's too soon after Danielle's death for him. As he reminisces about professing his love to her in the ER before surgery, a woman is brought in with premature labor contractions. She begs Jake to do whatever he must to save her baby.

At the Scanlon's, the mood is light. Dr. Devlin shows up, and Chris looks resigned.

Act II

As Mike serves the bird, Mary asks the guests to give thanks. She is thankful for her sons. Frank is thankful for Julie's safe return, as is Julie, but she adds that she's thankful for her parents. Nicole is thankful for not having to cook, and Bennett for his family. Chris is thankful for a free meal, and Matt for the stuffing. Grace tells of her family far away and Mike offers up a prayer for Danielle. Joe proposes an old Celtic toast.

Jake has decided to deliver the baby, telling the frantic mother-to-be that it's safe to do so, and for the best.

As the guests move into the living room, Mary gets them started by singing an Irish ditty. Frank takes a turn with an anonymous poem, which turns into a limerick. Grace defers, claiming that her only talent is throwing up when asked to perform, and everyone agrees to let her pass. Matt plays a pipe while Karen dances a jig. Chris does impersonations and Nicole and Bennett sing an Irish duet while Joe plays guitar.

Jake has delivered a healthy baby and is thanked profusely by the new mom. Ellen praises him. Jake leaves and makes a call home to his parents. Afterward, the interns return with home-cooked food for Jake and Ellen.

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