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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 11/26/97

by Dani


Chris watches an old Christmas movie on TV and invites Eve to join him, but she's on her way to the day-before-Thanksgiving dinner at the lighthouse. Chris jokingly asks if she wants to do Thanksgiving Dinner with him at the Scanlon's the next day, and she flatly, but good-naturedly, turns him down. After she leaves, he calls Nicole.

Scott, using a cane, is blaming the housekeeper for over waxing the fire-pole when he greets the social worker. She has a son of her own that she decided to bring along and tells Scott that he can spend the whole day with his daughter. Meanwhile, Lucy chastises a clueless Kevin for chowing down on all of the fertility herbs.

Act I

Lucy persists in accusing Kevin of taking all the herbs, then launches into her explanation of their vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner. It seems that this is Sigmund's anniversary of coming to live with her and she doesn't want to alarm the poor duck with a roasted bird. She feels badly that they didn't get Sigmund a gift, so after letting him in, she gets Kevin's Caesar Salad and pretends that she made it just for the duck.

Eve pops back in, having forgotten to take some candles along for Serena, and Chris hastens her on her way, saying that a man needs privacy for a good cry during an old movie. Right after she leaves, Nicole shows up. She doubts he has any interest in old movies, just needed a good excuse to get her over. It worked, didn't it? he smirks.

Act II

The lighthouse is packed with guests like Joe and Karen, Rhonda & Lee, and Gail. When Gail compliments Lucy on the dinner, Lucy modestly admits that she ordered the entire thing herself. Serena lets Lucy know that she's not thrilled at the lack of turkey, since she and Scott have always had it before. Scott also is perturbed at the absence of bird. He sends Serena away and tells Lucy that he would have ordered a turkey from Kelly's if he'd known in advance. Lucy hustles Kevin out to get a turkey and Sigmund quacks up a storm.

If Chris has ulterior motives, he masks them quite well because he seems genuinely interested in the movie. Nicole enjoys the movie and popcorn, but is a bit tense, a condition Chris attempts to remedy with a massage. Chris tells her that he doesn't take himself too seriously and she admits that she's not used to that. She thanks Chris for being a friend.

Turkey has arrived at the lighthouse and Kevin is set to carve. All have gathered at the table and Kevin turns the honor of grace over to Scott. Scott says that though it has been a difficult year, he feels blessed by everyone's presence. He says that it's only a matter of time before he'll have Serena back, and asks God to bless their table. Suddenly Sigmund erupts into quacking and everyone looks under the table to see that Sigmund has apparently laid an egg.


Kevin states that Sigmund is a mommy, but Lucy is more concerned about the fact that it must have been Sigmund who ate all the fertility herbs. She mentions "vet" and Sigmund flies out the skylight. Lucy insists that everyone go out to find the duck.

After the movie ends, Chris mentions dining at the Scanlon's the next day and, at Nicole's concern, promises to be discreet. Nicole says that she's not used to having to be discreet. Chris comes on to her again and they kiss.

At the pond outside the lighthouse, Kevin and Lucy and their guests find a nest with baby ducklings in it. It was Sigmund's girlfriend who had done the laying. Lucy is delighted with the results of the fertility herbs, and has hope for her own success in conceiving. Everyone is happy.

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