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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Tuesday 11/25/97

by Dani


Scott visits Jake at his apartment, telling him that he's sorry about Danielle and that he knows what it's like to lose someone you love. He also tells Jake that Danielle loved him. When Jake says that he's sure that Rex killed her, Scott asks Jake if he had anything to do with the kidnapping. Jake swears that he didn't, and that when he found out that Danielle did he didn't want anything to do with her. He tells Scott about trying to bring Rex down by teaming up with him to find a genetic link between Danielle and Serena. Scott asks why Jake didn't just come to him. "We tried to," Jake says. But that was when Kevin was in the hospital and Scott and Lucy didn't want to hear anything from him and Danielle. Jake tells Scott that he'll go to the FBI with what he knows, but Scott insists that they'll need some hard evidence. Jake says he has it, that he has Serena's blood that Rex obtained during the kidnapping. But when he opens the case, the samples are all gone.

Rex, on the dock, dumps Jake's evidence into the harbor. He sings a parody of "If I Were a Rich Man," as he smashes the test tubes and weights the plastic bag with rocks.

Chris, in boxers, puts Nicole's mind at ease. She's in her robe, saying that Chris is the only man she's slept with since her marriage to Bennett. (In the lobby, Bennett gets a spare key for Nicole's room from the desk clerk.) Nicole is afraid she's not very 90's, but Chris assures her she has done nothing wrong. "Not in your book," she chides. Chris points out that the world hasn't ended. "You won't tell anyone?" She asks. "No, of course not," he replies. Bennett calls out from the hall. He opens the door only to find the chain on.

Act I

Chris grabs his clothes and heads for the bathroom while Nicole talks with Bennett through the locked door. After she gets him to leave, Chris reappears, dressed and confident. He has to go to work and kisses her cheek goodbye.

Julie, Karen and Joe talk about Danielle's death. Mary Scanlon joins them and points out that Jake is likely to think back on Danielle's death every Thanksgiving. She invites Karen and Julie for dinner at Joe and Frank's house. Julie is hesitant because she wants to spend the holiday with her parents. When Mary suggests that she invite them, too, Julie doesn't know if they'd agree, but says she'll try to get them to come. Chris joins them and accepts an invitation to join them. They all agree to invite Jake.

Jake is visibly upset as he and Scott play Danielle's message on Scott's answering machine to Detective Garcia. They try to explain to Garcia just how Rex was manipulating Danielle and Jake. Garcia is hesitant, saying that Danielle's death was still under investigation, that it had not been ruled a homicide. Scott gets the Detective to agree to ask Rex some questions.

Act II

Garcia has called Rex and his lawyer to the PCPD for questioning. Byron resists the insinuation, but Rex shushes him and tries to appear as forthcoming as possible. He tells Garcia that Danielle was afraid of Jake because of their tumultuous relationship and Jake's temper. In fact, he points out, Danielle sought refuge from Jake by moving in with Rex. He also tells Garcia that Jake assaulted him at the hospital after Danielle died, and that he was frightened of Jake.

Karen and Joe share a quiet moment in the stairwell, talking about life and death, and how they should be grateful for what they have. When they leave the stairs, they run into Scott and Jake. Joe is paged and Scott leaves Karen alone with Jake, who thanks Karen. Karen says that she knows how much Jake loved Danielle. Jake says he feels like it's all a bad dream, that he'll wake up and see her. Choked up, he tells Karen that he doesn't know what he'll do without her. Karen hugs him.

Eve tells Scott how sorry she is about Danielle, and Scott tells her that he knows what Jake is going through. Eve mentions that she wishes she'd known Dominique. Scott says that Dominique was a great girl, that he was kind of a goof-off but that she was an angel. More like a saint to put up with you, quips Eve before asking Scott if she can grill them turkey dogs for Thanksgiving. Scott invites her to Lucy's for dinner at the lighthouse the day before Thanksgiving because Lee and Gail are taking Serena to the Macy's parade and Eve accepts, saying that she'll still grill hotdogs for him the following day.

Playing on mom's sympathy, Julie gets her to agree to come to the Scanlon's for dinner on Thanksgiving.

As Jake tells Karen about Rex, Garcia arrives and arrests Jake for the assault on Stanton. As he reads Jake his rights, Scott looks on in disgust.


Julie asks Bennett to come to dinner at the Scanlon's, noting that her mom will be there, too. Bennett is hesitant until Julie tells him that Nicole knows that he'll be there.

Scott bails Jake out of jail, while Garcia says, "It's my job; I don't have to like it." He gives Scott and Jake the result of the investigation of Danielle's crash which notes no foul play. Jake is agitated, but Scott calms him down, saying that they have work to do.

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