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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 11/24/97

by Dani


Grace reports to those waiting (Matt, Jake, Scott, Lucy, Kevin, Frank & Rex) that Danielle has massive chest and abdominal injuries and that she hasn't stopped bleeding. Joe and Karen are in the OR to assist, while Scott presses for an answer he can live with. Jake blurts out that Danielle was rejected by everyone at GH.

Act I

We switch back and forth between the OR, where Danielle is in grave shape, and the somber waiting room. The head surgeon keeps the interns moving. In the waiting room, Grace tells Jake that Danielle's blood pressure is up--a good sign. Jake asks Grace her opinion on Danielle's condition when she was brought in. Grace says that Danielle will definitely lose her spleen, one kidney and part of her bowel. She also has spinal injuries. Jake blames himself. "I brought her back and abandoned her." If she makes it, he promises to make it up to her.

Scott is worried that the FBI will never believe that he didn't kidnap his own daughter, so in spite of Jake's anguish, he asks Jake about the phone call Danielle got from him right before she fled the firehouse. When Jake said he never called, he and Scott realize without a word that it must have been Rex. "That bastard!" Jake grates and starts to head for Rex. Scott keeps him calm. Afterward, Conklin notes that Scott doesn't always have the effect he wants on people.

Julie and her father arrive at the hospital. Dr. Devlin tells Julie that Nicole is trying to scare him with the threat of divorce. They see all the people waiting, and Frank tells her about Danielle. Julie asks a tearful Jake if there is anything she can do. He asks her to pray.

Matt asks Frank what the accident scene was like. "Bad," Frank replies. He had to crawl in through the back window to pull her out. Matt asks if there were any other cars involved and if there were witnesses. Frank answers no to both questions. Matt says he's not trying to build a conspiracy theory, but that Jake will be better off knowing the details.

Now Dr. Devlin tells Julie that Nicole sounds serious about the divorce and he doesn't know how to change her mind.

Scott and Lucy talk about Danielle and her chances, while Conklin questions Rex. Did he talk to Danielle before her accident? Was she afraid of him? No, Rex replies and then tells Conklin that Danielle was afraid of Scott and his threats. He tries to leave Conklin with the impression that Scott may have been involved in Danielle's accident.

Jake can't restrain himself and tries to visit the OR. Cut to the OR, where the interns work furiously to save Danielle. The surgeon praises their work. Cut back to the waiting room where Frank and the others hold Jake back, who cries that he just wants to save her.

Act II

Jake says that he doesn't know what he'll do if Danielle dies.

Conklin asks Scott about Danielle's condition before the accident. Scott says Danielle was determined to do the right thing and confess. Conklin warns Scott not to threaten Rex, and Scott angrily suggests that Conklin look for the real bad guy, meaning Rex, of course.

Danielle's liver is in bad shape. She goes into de-fib and the OR staff shock her. Afterward Karen begins CPR, but the surgeon stops her and pronounces Danielle dead. Joe and Karen leave to tell Jake.

Jake waits, praying. He doesn't see Joe and Karen come out of the elevator, but as Scott, Lucy, Kevin, Frank, Matt and Julie see them, they know without a word that Danielle didn't make it. Jake turns around and looks at Joe and Karen. "She's gone," he says. "I'm so sorry," Karen tells him. Jake cries.


As everyone gathers around, Joe and Karen tell Jake that they did all they could, that Danielle's injuries were just too severe. Rex approaches to offer his condolences, and Jake punches him. After they separate the two men, Kevin tells Jake that he knows just what Jake is going through. "I tormented her," Jake cries, "I told her she taught me how to hate!" Kevin tells him how he loved someone like that who also died in a car accident, how he thought it was his fault. "How could you live with it?" Jake asks. "I couldn't...not for a long time," Kevin replies. Jake says he'll never forgive himself, but Kevin says that Danielle really loved him and that she'd want him to find peace. Jake pulls himself together and says that he needs to say goodbye.

Grace pulls the sheet over Danielle's head and Jake comes in. Grace takes Jake's hand and tells him haltingly that she'll be right outside if he needs her. After she leaves, Jake uncovers Danielle and slides the cap off her hair. He whispers that he's going to miss her and then lays his head on her breast and cries.

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