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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Friday 11/21/97

by Dani


At the Recovery Room, Chris and Eve prepare to celebrate a whole week of surgical rotation without Dr. Boardman. Chris points out that it's one week closer to hanging out their own shingles and making the big bucks. What will you do with a doctor's salary?, he asks. Eve says she'd like to go to Paris and shop; anywhere but Wimbdon's Bargain Basement. Chris is surprised by that but Eve tells him that he's probably never lacked for anything. He doesn't agree or disagree with her. (I wonder if he might've scraped his way up from the bottom, too.) At least I can do a decent laundry, he quips, and Eve says that she's no one's housefrau. Chris agrees, saying that she is destined for bigger and better things. She is beeped and he ends up stuck with the wine bill because she insists he owes her for the fake kiss he planted on her to make Julie jealous at her party. Fake? he questions. As she departs, Eve airily states that she can tell the difference.

Sitting between her mom and dad at Mario's, both literally and figuratively, Julie tries to mediate. Bennett suggests that he and Nicole take a trip. Nicole says that if she's going anywhere, it'll be alone. Julie suggests that they not run away from the problem. Nicole says that she tried for years to keep her family together. Bennett asks that she let him try now.

In the ER, Ellen, Karen, Joe, Matt and Frank are with Danielle who was submerged in her car in the river with chest trauma. Jake bursts in to help, but Frank and Karen hold him back. "Fine! I'm observing," he insists and they let him go. He sees Danielle laying on the table and flashes back to the day she showed up in Port Charles. Karen slips out to call Scott, who is very concerned. Karen tells him that she's in grave condition. Scott promises to be right there, and hangs up the phone, blaming Rex for this latest catastrophe.

Act I

As they work on Danielle, Karen tries to get Jake out. He blames himself for not protecting Danielle. Distraught, he tells the interns that Danielle never meant to hurt anyone, that Rex made her do it. He obviously wants to be working on Danielle himself, and he makes frantic suggestions for treating her. Ellen warns him to back off. Frank gets him to stand away from the table and again Jake flashes back to the day he proposed to Danielle.

Back a the Recovery Room, Nicole runs into Chris. She asks him to call her Nicole and he asks if she's alone. He invites her to join him for some wine.

Bennett tells Julie that he appreciates the support she has shown. Julie doesn't want to see them throw away 30 years of marriage. Bennett insists that Nicole will come around. Julie isn't so sure.

Chris says that this evening has taken an unexpected turn and then quotes "the road less traveled" by Frost. After chit chat about their taste in literature and good company, Nicole mentions that Chris' girlfriend Eve is not what she considers good company. She's not my girlfriend, more like a co-worker, Chris says, then adds that he can't understand how Dr. Devlin could have preferred Eve to Nicole. You're kind and smart for one so young, Nicole tells him. She thanks him for his morale boost and then says she's not crazy about running into GH people. That's okay because Chris just happens to know a little coffee shop.

Scott shows up at GH with Agent Conklin in tow. He's frantic over Danielle's condition, and Karen tells him that Danielle can't speak, that she's bleeding internally and being prepared for surgery. But there's a chance? Scott pleads, probably desperate for Danielle's confession as much as for her life. Karen says that it doesn't look good.

Act II

Chris has escorted Nicole back to her room at the PC Hotel and she invites him in for coffee. She offers to call room service, but Chris raids the room refrigerator for some white wine with a screw off top. Bennett calls and asks if Nicole has calmed down. He tells her that their marriage is always foremost in his mind. Nicole lashes out and asks if the marriage was foremost in his mind when he was in bed with Eve. She hangs up on him and then tells Chris that she is getting a divorce.

Scott is trying to convince Conklin that Danielle was ready to confess when Jake overhears and calls him a vulture. Jake yells to leave Danielle alone. No! Scott yells back, my daughter's life is on the line. Jake lunges at Scott and they have to be separated by Karen and Matt. Matt tries to reassure Jake that the accident was not his fault, that he wasn't the one driving that car. I may as well have been, Jake replies miserably. He tells Matt that the last thing he said to Danielle was that he hated her. What if that is the last thing she ever hears from me? He flashes back to the day he kicked her out.


Nicole vents her frustration to a sympathetic Chris. She can't believe all she did for Bennett: she put him through school, she raised two kids alone, she planned dinners that he couldn't attend. Julie was lucky to have her, Chris comforts. I wasted 30 years, Nicole says. He got successful, I got older. He slept with his students, I slept alone. The phone rings again and Nicole refuses to answer it, bursting into tears. When the phone stops, she apologizes: This is so embarrassing. Chris and Nicole look at each other. Nicole leans in tentatively and kisses Chris. They part briefly and then Chris leans in to kiss her back. They end up in a passionate clinch.

Scott is telling Karen what a nightmare this is when Rex strides into the hospital asking about Danielle. Jake and Scott turn their hostility toward him. Karen tells Jake that Danielle is asking for him.

Jake goes to Danielle's side. She is scared and tries to give him instruction in case she doesn't make it. Jake says he loves her. She replies in kind, saying that she never lied about that. He says that he loved her from the first moment he saw her and that they have a lot of life to live together. They come to take her away and he tells her that he loves her more than life itself. Jake is left alone. He looks skyward, mouthing silent words of prayer and cries.

The End

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