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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Thursday 11/20/97

by Dani


Scott must have called Lucy and told her that Danielle was with him and ready to confess because she storms into the firehouse with blood in her eye. As Scott calms her down, Danielle enters and confirms that she plans to come clean. Lucy has her doubts, but Scott is convinced.

Rex goes to Jake's looking for Danielle. Jake tries to slam the door in Rex's face, but can't resist gloating a bit over Rex "temporarily misplacing" Danielle.

Act I

Rex doesn't lose his cool as he pokes around Jake's apartment. He tells Jake to let Danielle know that he's looking for her. "I'm not your messenger boy," Jake states.

Danielle tells Lucy that she's ashamed of what she did, that she was terrified of Rex and his threats, and that she feared for Jake's safety as well. Scott says that this confession will put Rex away for good. Lucy commends Danielle for her bravery and Scott offers to help her in any way that he can. "Can you get Jake to love me again?" she asks rhetorically.

Matt is looking for Dr. Burgess when he runs into Grace. She tells him that she had a lovely time the night before, and Matt says he did, too.

Julie tells her father about her nightmare and how she's feeling the pressure of being caught between him and her mother. She feels it in both her work and social life. Julie tells him to work it out with Nicole. Dr. Devlin is optimistic because Nicole invited him to lunch and he assumes that means she wants to patch things up. Julie tells him, "If you act as smug with mom as you do with me, then I don't blame her for leaving you."

Act II

Frank receives a call from Mario Jr. (the restaurant owner) about one of his students who wasn't at school that day. Frank wants to go check on her and asks Julie to come along for lunch.

Karen finds some irregularities on the admission form of the student that Frank brought in the day before. Joe chalks it up to a lousy typist, but Karen can't shake her suspicions.

Dr. Devlin meets Nicole at Mario's. He's openly confident about the reason for lunch and orders champagne.

Frank also arrives at Mario's and talks to his student about why she wasn't at class that morning. She makes a lame excuse which Frank calls her on. He asks her if she's been drinking because he can smell alcohol on her breath. She indignant.

Mario's is the place. Kevin and Ellen are also having lunch there, and he tells her that he's slowly working on being reinstated as a psychiatrist. Ellen confesses that she has let her personal feelings influence some of her behavior toward the interns. Kevin is playfully sarcastic, trying to keep her from taking herself too seriously. She decides that she'll apologize and then asks Kevin about his wedding plans. He says that Lucy was supposed to meet him here to discuss them.

The phone at the firehouse rings and, thinking it's Jake, Scott lets Danielle take it in the kitchen. However, it's really Rex. He spotted Danielle's car at Scott's and then saw the FBI pulling up. He tells her that the FBI are working for him and that he's told them to do terrible things to her.

Scott lets Agent Conklin in, telling him that he's got a real confession for him, but with a squeal of tires, Danielle has fled.


Danielle calls Scott from a payphone and leaves a message on his machine. She'll do what she has to to make things right, but she just can't trust the FBI. (If I were her, I'd call the handsome Detective Garcia at the PCPD and turn myself in to him!)

Devlin tells Nichole that he will spoil her rotten, that he will do anything to make their marriage work. She is cynical. He says the affair with Eve was the worst mistake of his life and it'll never happen again. He says that with time, surely she'll forgive him.

Ellen is telling Kevin that she has no private life, a situation that Kevin advises her to remedy.

Frank is paged; as he leaves, he tells his student that he expects to see her at class tomorrow.

Julie arrives too late to catch Frank, but just in time to hear Nicole thank Bennett for an "almost pleasant" lunch and then inform him that she's filed for divorce.

Scott shows up at Jake's looking for Danielle. Jake says, "You, too?" He tells Scott that Rex was also there looking for her. Scott is dismayed and says, "He must be on to her!"

Agent Conklin shows up at Rex's door asking for Danielle. Rex denies knowing where she is and expresses a suspicious desire that nothing bad has happened to her. Despite Rex telling Danielle that Conklin works for him, this exchange doesn't give any indication that they have a prior relationship.

Grace rushes up to Matt, telling him that a car has gone off the Port Charles Bridge and that they're bringing in a patient. Matt prepares to work.

Lucy has arrived, asking Karen if she has seen Danielle. They go together to page Jake.

Grace sends Matt to Trauma 2 where Frank is wheeling Danielle in on a gurney. Joe joins them and Matt tells Grace to find Jake.


The End

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