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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 11/19/97

by Dani


Julie tosses fretfully in bed, dreaming of being gagged and assisting Cooper in surgery. As she hands Cooper a scalpel, he becomes her father and it's her mother on the operating table. Julie pulls her gag off as her father says, "Don't worry, we can fix everything," and smiles evilly before handing the scalpel back to Julie. Suddenly it's Eve on the table and Julie begins to cut. Eve screams over and over. Julie wakes up screaming with Frank rushing to her side. She tries to explain it to him, and he comments on how Freudian it is. Julie's mom calls to say that she's staying on in Port Charles partly because of Julie, but also because she doesn't want to go home to her empty house.

Scott slides down the fire-pole and answers his front door to find a hyper Lucy. She tells Scott that he has some untapped resources that they have overlooked. Lucy explains that Kevin might reconsider cooperating with her plan to break up and get close to Rex if he was assured of her safety. And let's face it, she says, we both know that you'd sacrifice me in a heartbeat to save Serena, right? In the line of the day, Scott says, "I would. I'd feel bad about it, but do you think Kevin would go for it?" Lucy suggests that Scott get his security staff to wire her. Scott advises her that the technology doesn't exist that could wire her considering the way all her clothes are painted on. Agitated, she urges Scott to consider it to save Serena. Scott tells her about Gail's account of Serena's run-in with Danielle at the hospital.

Holding a copy of "Charlotte's Web," Danielle reflects on reading to Serena, about being Rex's partner in crime and his threats to her and Jake, and about Serena's reaction to her at the hospital. Coming to a decision, she grabs a suitcase and starts to pack. Rex calls out to her from outside her door. The doorknob turns....

Act I

Danielle stalls Rex by pretending to be undressed. She hides the suitcase and lets him in. He apologizes for the tension between them and promises to be more accommodating. He says that if he's smart, Jake will come back to her, but Danielle isn't buying it. Then you'll find someone better, he says. After he leaves, Danielle begins to pack again.

Matt tells Chris and Jake that Boardman is doing well. "Guess the honeymoon's almost over then," quips Chris. Grace asks Matt to dinner at her place for her special vegetarian lasagna. He accepts as Ellen listens.

Julie arrives and Chris gives her some telephone messages. She tells him that her mother mentioned running into him and that he made her feel better. Chris accepts her thanks, but in a business-like manner.

Dr. Devlin sees Julie and she tells him that Nicole has decided to stay in Port Charles. To Bennett this is good news. Julie thinks that he's being too optimistic, but he insists that he knows Nicole and she just needs some reassurance.

Lucy tells Scott that they have to find a way to convince Kevin that she'll be safe. Scott calls his security man and asks him to take Lucy to his office where they can discuss her ideas with the rest of the security team. Scott stays behind to wait for a call from Lee, but there is a knock at the door. It's Danielle.

Act II

Danielle tries to tell Scott that the ordeal is over, but Scott isn't buying it. Finally he gives her 60 seconds to explain. She tells him that after running into Serena at GH, she doesn't want to hurt her any more. She tells him how Rex had convinced her that Scott was a bad father and how they would be helping Serena. Scott questions why she's telling him this and Danielle says that for once she wants to do the right thing. When Scott accuses her of not being Dominique's half-sister or Serena's biological mother, Danielle says that she was half sister to Dominique, but that she never knew about Serena until she did the thing that she'll go to prison for. Scott grabs her by the shoulders, shouting that she kidnapped Serena.

Audrey tells Ellen Burgess that according to Monica Quartermaine, the competition for the Quartermaine Fellowship is heating up. Jake approaches Ellen to ask her about a patient at the same moment that Grace asks Audrey about getting the night off to have dinner with a friend. Audrey says that she'll find a replacement, then turns to Ellen, "It's nice to see someone squeezing in a little private life with all the work we have around here." Ellen looks like she's having second thoughts.

Nicole arrives for her lunch date with her daughter, but Julie has to cancel. Bennett joins them, making a cheerful greeting which is met with Nicole's unflagging sarcasm. Bennett says he heard that Nicole is sticking around and that's great because he has arranged to stay also. He tells Nicole he wants to work things out.

Danielle wants to tell Scott about the kidnapping, but Scott doesn't want to hear another word until he has a witness, so he calls Agent Conklin.


Ellen catches Julie talking to Frank on the phone. She has some pretty sharp words about Julie being on the phone for so long. Julie snaps right back that she was on a break and was under the impression that she could use the phone. Ellen is about to give her more grief when Grace tries to intervene. Ellen says that when she wants a recipe for vegetarian lasagna she ask Grace, but until then she should "butt the hell out." Julie and Grace walk away, leaving Ellen to turn and find that Matt has witnessed the entire incident.

Scott tells Danielle that the FBI is on their way. Danielle is worried about Jake's safety and Scott says he'll send some of his security force to protect him.

Back at his place, Rex has discovered that Danielle has fled. "You can run, Danielle, but I'll never let you hide," he vows.

The End

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