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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Tuesday 11/18/97

by Dani


Lucy is trying to convince Kevin that if they were to fake a break-up, she could use that and her miscarriage to convince Rex that she wants to get custody of Serena. Kevin doesn't like the idea, claiming that the emotions of losing their baby are too raw to use in trying to dupe Rex.

At the Recovery Room, Nicole Devlin feels remiss in not thanking Chris for his help in finding Julie, and she apologizes to him for making a fool of herself during the party. Chris is disarming and attempts to downplay the incident. Nicole tells him that he reminds her of her husband when he was young, which Chris takes as a compliment until Nicole warns him not to end up like Bennett Devlin. While they talk, Matt comes in and Mike makes a little to-do over his status as "star" intern. Matt is sheepish, but Chris looks troubled enough that Nicole has to ask what is bothering him. Again, she points out the error of ending up like Bennett.

Bennett is in the on-call room when Eve comes in. She tells him that though she used to pray his marriage would end, and then that he would die a slow, lingering death, she never wanted to take it out on Nicole and Julie. Bennett expresses his remorse, saying that none of this would have happened if he hadn't come to Port Charles. He asks Eve for a big favor: Nicole has threatened to leave him and he wants Eve's help to get her back.

Act I

Eve can't believe her ears. She can't imagine anything that she could say that Nicole would want to hear. Bennett asks that she tell Nicole that they never loved each other...that it was a one-night-stand. You didn't love me? Eve asks. "Yes," he replies, "very much." "Then you're asking me to lie," Eve says. Then she goes on to say how men seem to think that because it wasn't love their wives will find it easier to accept the fact that they've had an affair. She ends up sobbing. Bennett insists that he can't lose Nicole. Eve leaves him with no illusions about them ever having had a chance.

Matt tells Mike that he has a dinner date with Grace and when Mike asks him about his "thing" for Dr. Burgess, Matt sadly reports that Ellen has refused to date an intern. Her armor is made of steel, he notes quietly and then leaves.

Kevin can't understand why Lucy feels she has to be the one to get close to Rex. Lucy is desperate to help Scott. Kevin tells her that he'd do anything--and he stresses "anything"-- to help Scott keep Serena. But he won't risk Lucy.

Danielle goes to the hospital to see Jake, citing a need to get away from Rex and his spying, but Jake gives her a cold reception. She heard he went to Julie's party and wishes she could have gone. Jake tells her that no one there would want to see her, the woman who is trying to take Serena from Scott. She reassures him that she'll help with his plan, but she doesn't know what it is. Jake says that things have changed. "I don't trust you anymore. I used to think you taught me how to love, but you really taught me how to hate."

Back at GH, Chris asks Julie's opinion on a patient, only to have her snap at him. She asks how he could think about bringing Eve to the party. "The party was for everyone who helped save you. Eve did her share," he replies. Julie says that Eve should have had the sense not to be anywhere near her parents, and in the future, would Chris mind leaving his girlfriend at home? Indignant, Chris agrees and turns away. Julie then lashes out at Eve who is walking by. She warns her to stay away from Chris and her parents. Eve swears that she'd give anything to avoid Julie's parents, but she'll socialize with Chris if she wants to.

After Jake leaves her, Danielle sees Gail and Serena get off the elevator. Serena recognizes her, but not from the park as Danielle assumes, but from a newspaper article. Serena yells that she'll never go live with Danielle and that she hates her.

Act II

Karen joins Gail and Serena, getting between them and Danielle. After Gail takes Serena away, Karen tells Danielle to stay away from Serena, to leave GH, to get out of Port Charles all together. "Get out of our lives!", she yells as Danielle flees into the elevator.

Lucy tells Scott about her plan, tweaking it here and there over Kevin's protests. He insists that it's too dangerous and adamantly refuses to play any part in it. But Scott and Lucy exchange "that look."

Matt and Grace are having a nice dinner, chatting amiably, when Grace says that she's surprised to be there. "What do you mean?" Matt asks. "I thought you had a thing for Dr. Burgess," she replies.

Eve finds Nicole in the on-call room, dropping off Chris' journal that he left at the Recovery Room. Eve stops her from leaving and tries to tell her that the affair she had with Bennett was completely one-sided, that she loved him, but he never loved her. It ended, Eve says, because he loved only one woman--his wife. But Nicole shoots her down cold, giving credit to neither her husband nor Eve. After she leaves, Chris comes out of the bathroom in a towel. "So much for doing the right thing, huh?" he cracks.


Matt plays dumb with Grace. But after she ticks off the many reasons for thinking he has a "thing" for Dr. Burgess: hanging around her office, helping her with her lawsuit, getting puppy-dog eyes whenever she's around, he finally capitulates. He tells Grace that it was never meant to be and says that he's moving on.

Danielle returns to Rex, telling him about how she's an outcast in Port Charles now. He tells her that the tide will turn, in the amount of $100 million dollars. She can't understand why he's so intent on ruining so many lives for money when he has a comfortable, if not extravagant life already. He proceeds to tell her that she knows nothing about the life he's had, how when he was young, his parents put him in a mental institution simply because his brother Avery wanted to be rid of him. How he was drugged and given electroshock therapy until his mind was so fuzzy he couldn't think, how he was forced to live with psychotics who screamed through the night to non-existent companions and how he was reminded constantly that he was one of them. How could parents do that, he asks Danielle cynically. The family owes me, he rants, and Serena has the family fortune.

Scott tries to convince Kevin that Lucy may be their only hope of getting close to Rex. Kevin says absolutely not.

The End

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