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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 11/17/97

by Dani


Scott and Justus continue to speculate on Rex's m.o. Because Scott can't find any evidence of what he was doing the day the Cayman Island account was opened. He wonders if Rex hasn't been planning this for months.

After her outburst, Bennett tries to get Nicole to calm down, but she is drunk and blurts out that Bennett lost the right to tell her what to do the day he slept with Eve Lambert. She is aghast to find that Julie has overheard and runs out of the Recovery Room. Devlin follows her out. Julie turns to Frank in despair, crying. Bennett comes back in to report that Nicole has taken a cab. He tries to apologize for her behavior, but Julie says it's all his fault.

Joe and Karen make out on her doorstep, getting more and more heated until Karen invites him inside. They barely get the door shut behind them when they're at it again.

Lucy and Kevin arrive back at the lighthouse, full of self- congratulations on having gotten the Cayman Island bank account records for Scott. The sap is running full force as they think of ways to celebrate.

Act I

Kevin and Lucy lie in bed, joking about love potions. She teases him about taking advantage of her desire to conceive. He teases that she has found him out. A phone call from Scott interrupts them, and he says that he's got bad news and details his difficulty in proving his whereabouts on the day the Cayman Island account was opened.

Joe and Karen are on her couch, horizontal and necking up a storm. Joe pulls back, and says that he just can't do it, that they should just take it slower. Karen asks if he wasn't the one who started the kissing and if he wasn't the one who asked her if she wanted him? He says that it's taking all his self-restraint to stop, that he doesn't want to be the "rebound guy" 'cause the "rebound guy" doesn't last. "You want this to last?" Karen asks in wonder. "Yes, that's why I have to go," he replies. He drags himself out the door, vowing to kick himself for this. Karen is rueful, but we can tell that she's pleased with his intentions.

Back in her basement apartment, Julie tells Frank how worried she is about her mom's whereabouts when Nicole Devlin steps into view. Frank leaves them alone and Nicole apologizes for ruining Julie's party. During their conversation, Julie lets it slip that she knew about the affair. Nicole is very upset. How could Julie keep this from her? It makes her feel even more foolish.

Eve and Chris are back at GH, making cracks about their effect on the partygoers. Chris appears replete at the effect they had, while Eve just wishes that she'd stayed at home. "The evening wasn't a total loss," Chris tells her, "you finally got to kiss me." Eve makes a wry comment.

Act II

Grace and Matt engage in happy chatter over their dance at the party until Ellen brusquely calls Grace away. Matt turns to Chris and comments about the new "mouth-to-mouth" technique he demonstrated on Eve the night before. Eve joins them and says that she and Dr. Ramsey were happy to add fuel to the rumor mill. Rumors that are true? Asks Matt. "If Chris comes to work with two teeth missing tomorrow, you'll know that he tried to kiss me again." Matt is amused and Chris affects mock indignation.

Nicole tells Julie how duped she feels when Bennett calls. Nicole refuses to speak with him, so Julie tries to let him know her mom is okay without actually lying to him. He guesses that Nicole is there and when Julie tells her mother that, Nicole leaves. Julie is left in despair.

Frank brings one of his students in to GH and asks Karen to cut through a little red tape and check her scraped arm. Karen examines the arm, smiling over the girl's shoulder sappily at Joe. "Sleep well?" she asks coyly. "Not at all," he replies with an equally sappy grin.

Kevin and Lucy go to the firehouse to help Scott, who tells them that he offered to protect Jake and Danielle if they would help him, but they won't cooperate. Lee arrives at Scott's request to work on the Federal aspects of the case against Scott. He says that he'll give it his best shot; Scott is not impressed with this modest optimism.


Karen gives Frank's student a clean bill of health just as Monica Quartermaine arrives to lavish more praise on Matt. She tells him that she mentioned his excellent performance in the OR to her husband, Alan. Eve gives Chris a little jibe, saying that there's some competition for the Quartermaine residency that Chris didn't plan on. He stalks off impatiently. Grace also tells Matt that he might be up for the residency and he feels so good he asks her to help him celebrate by going out to dinner and she agrees.

Bennett arrives at Julie's to find Nicole has left. Julie can't contain her exasperation. When Bennett tells her that he feels badly, she insists that he can't feel as bad as Nicole. "You cheated on her. You lied to her and then I lied to her." Bennett says that it's all in the past. "Not for her," Julie snaps.

Nicole is at the Recovery Room apologizing to Mike Corbin for her behavior the night before when Chris Ramsey walks in. She strikes up a conversation with him and before you know it, he's sitting with her and having drinks.

Lucy is very uptight about Scott's predicament and nothing Kevin can say will help. She snaps at him and then has an inspiration. She can get close to Rex and all they have to do is break up! Kevin is perplexed, but he's a smart boy; he'll get it.

The End

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