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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Friday 11/14/97

by Dani


Kevin talks to the same bank manager that Lucy struck out with. He claims to have power of attorney and a death certificate, and that he represents the estate of Scott Baldwin. The manager mentions that Lucy was there earlier looking for the same info. Kevin explains that Lucy has filed a claim against the estate and expresses his hope that they never gave her any information.

Lucy calls Scott, saying that Kevin has been gone for hours. Scott tells her that he now has Rex's platinum card number.

Mike shows Julie the food he has had prepared for her party and she approves. She turns to Frank and tells him that she invited the interns, but that she just couldn't bring herself to ask Eve, the woman who slept with her father. Frank points out that Eve did volunteer work to help rescue her, but he adds that it's her party.

At the hospital, Grace says she has no date for Julie's party, and when asked, Eve says she is otherwise engaged. She runs into Chris, who asks if she is going to the party and would she go with him. Eve laughs but Chris is serious.

Act I

Eve says she can't go to the party because she's a home-wrecker and Julie hates her guts. Chris says he's tired of the Devlins saying just who can or can't belong to their little "country club." Eve accuses Chris of being slighted by Julie not asking him to her little dinner party and this obviously hits a nerve. She agrees to go with Chris because he is trying to irritate the self-righteous Julie.

Justus and Scott are going over the Port Charles Hotel receipts for Rex Stanton, amazed at the blatant paper trail of calls to the Cayman Islands, which Scott says Rex can justify by claiming he was checking up on Scott when he made the calls. Scott realizes that he must prove his whereabouts when the Cayman Island account was opened.

Kevin surprises Lucy with the information he got on Scott's Cayman Island accounts. Happily, they fax the account signature card to Scott, then their agenda turns romantic.

Julie's party is underway. Mary Scanlon arrives with her potato salad, Joe and Karen arrive together, and Dr. Burgess arrives with little braids. Matt rolls up to her and compliments her on her overall transformation. She confesses that she's had the dreadlocks for a while, but wore a wig to present an image of what she felt a doctor should look like. He was her inspiration.

Dr. and Mrs. Devlin arrive, but Nicole is tense. Julie notices it and Dr. Devlin says that he'll take care of her. Nicole orders a double martini, extra dry. When Devlin dittos the order, Nicole questions him on what Eve liked to drink. Devlin warns her not to start for Julie's sake.

Eve and Chris arrive.

Act II

Julie wonders that Eve had the nerve to show up. Her mother wonders that same thing.

Chris greets Frank and Julie, pointing out that he dragged Eve along because she worked so hard during the rescue. Julie manages to be gracious, barely.

Matt and Jake talk, but not about Danielle, Jake warns. They marvel that Cooper could have gotten them all at each other's throats like he did.

Karen tells Joe that Cooper wasn't responsible for everything that went wrong for her. After all, it was Chris who read her mail and spread it around the hospital about her failing marriage.

Eve asks Chris if he doesn't love being a pariah at parties.

Nicole becomes drunk, disgusted at Eve's presence. Bennett can't diffuse the situation without sounding like he's defending Eve.

Julie gets upset and Frank follows her outside the Recovery Room. Is it Eve? he asks. Julie says that because her mother doesn't know about Eve, she can handle that, but when she looked around the room at all her family and friends, she remembered what it was like to think she'd never see any of them again. Frank hugs her.

Matt asks Dr. Burgess to dance and she declines, so he asks Grace, who accepts.

Chris and Eve are dancing when Eve points out to Chris that his dream girl (Julie) has just come back into the room. Chris says, "You're my dreamgirl." When Eve scoffs at his attempt to flatter her, he says he can do better than that and he gives her a kiss...a good one...as Frank and Julie look on. Mrs. Devlin is also watching. She walks up to Eve and Chris, asking if she can steal Eve's partner, since Eve had stolen hers.


In robes, eating room service, Lucy tells Kevin that he's been very gracious about Scott being back in her life. He says that she owes him. As he kisses her, she squeals, pointing to the huge lizard. That's Gunther, says Kevin. He shoos the lizard out of the room as Lucy makes jokes about getting a lizard of their own and naming it Rexy. Kevin says that Sigmund would not stand for it.

Joe and Karen leave the party, and Dr. Devlin tells Julie that he'll take Nicole home. She sure had a lot to drink, remarks Julie.

Matt tells Ellen that he'll dance with her another time and she says no. When she tells him about Dr. Quartermaine singing his praises and how he might be a shoe in for the Quartermaine residency, Matt dismisses the matter as unimportant because Dr. Burgess would be one of the doctors on whose opinion the residency would be decided, and she would be disqualified for dating the resident in question. But we're not dating, she says. I intend to remedy that situation, Matt tells her. Ellen insists that she will not ever date an intern. Matt argues that something is going on between them, but Ellen says he's making that up. She says she will not discuss the matter further. He says he reads her loud and clear.

Eve and Chris leave with their arms around each other. Outside, Eve says that she thinks they made Julie jealous. Chris makes light of it.

Nicole is drunk and doesn't want to go home with Bennett. When he attempts to get her to cooperate, she says the worst thing that will happen to her is a hangover. "On the other hand, you're going to lose your wife," she snarls as Julie listens, horrified.

At her door, Joe and Karen kiss goodnight, becoming more passionate. Karen invites Joe inside.

The End

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