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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Thursday 11/13/97

by Dani


Danielle and Rex wait to be seated at Mario's because Rex has fired the cook, unsure of whether the man was on Scott's payroll or not. Danielle points out that Scott has really gotten to him, but Rex argues that he will win eventually because Scott is an ethical man and ethical men have a line they will not cross. (Rex doesn't know as much about Scott as he thinks he does. I recall Scott starting the Brownstone on fire so that he'd be a hero for Bobbie during her break up with Jake Meyer!) Rex, however, is not an ethical man. There is nothing he won't do.

Kevin and Lucy are at a postal drop which is the address of the headquarters of Serena, Ltd.

Scott orders DeLuca to investigate Rex Stanton. That's difficult, the PI says, because Rex shreds every document in the house. Scott says that they will have to get him outside of the house then. The PI says that Rex is at Mario's for dinner.

Eve comes off a double shift and is cautioned by Chris to be quiet because he is trying to sleep in the on-call room. Eve is beeped by Scott. He tells her that there is no such thing as a free lunch and that he is about to buy her all the cannolis she can eat.

Act I

Eve takes Scott's instructions, apparently pleased to be a part of his plan. She calls for Chris to wake up and join her for dinner. He groans, complaining about a lack of sleep; then he spies Eve in her bra and panties. He perks up and agrees to go.

Karen arrives at the hospital with many bags from a shopping expedition. She asks Julie's help in picking an outfit for her date with Joe on Friday for Julie's party. Julie spies Joe coming and Karen hides the evidence of her "high school" nervousness.

Eve asks the maitre'd for a table in the corner. Chris remarks that he's flattered, but Eve says her reason for choosing such a secluded spot is that she doesn't want to be seen with him. But why the secrecy, Chris jokes, he's not a married man. Eve says that he has a real mean streak in him. Chris spots Danielle, but Eve warns him not to draw attention to themselves.

Rex is disgusted as he reads the inflammatory article about in him the Port Charles Herald. Danielle reads it and notes that it mentions Rex spending time in a mental institution. When was that?, she asks coyly.

Lucy and Kevin question the postal drop employee about the account for Serena, Ltd. When he tells them that all information is confidential, Lucy flashes some cash to win him over.

Act II

In the on-call room, Karen tries on her new dresses for Julie's opinions. When Julie comments on the new lingerie that Karen bought, Karen remarks that Julie's party just seems like a good chance to get out of scrubs and get dressed up. "You should, too," she tells Julie.

Julie is hesitant but then agrees to try on some of Karen's dresses. As she strips, Matt happens in. Delighted, Matt says that if that is what they wear under their scrubs, he'll never be able to look at them the same way again. Julie and Karen pose for him playfully.

In the Cayman Islands, Lucy, armed with a power of attorney, tells the bank manager that Scott Baldwin is being audited by the IRS and that she needs copies of all his account records. Unfortunately, the bank manager is not cooperative and insists that Mr. Baldwin must appear in person to access those records.

At Mario's, Rex vows to fix the PC Herald reporter's wagon along with Scott's. He also queries Danielle about her new insolence. She says that she's not afraid of him because he now needs her.

When Chris asks Eve how they are going to work off all the calories from dinner, Eve gets him to fork over his credit card. He's indignant, citing her inviting him to dinner, not vice-versa, and promises to collect his pound of flesh someday. Eve takes his card and on her way to the ladies room, she bumps Stanton's table, knocking his bill to the floor. As Rex and Eve both bend down to retrieve it, Rex is distracted by Eve's cleavage and coy demeanor.


Eve's bubbly chatter indicates that she may have had too much wine with her meal. Rex watches her walk away with appreciation. At her table, Eve has switched cards with him and jots down his number. Feigning a mix up, she hands the card back to a waiter and hustles Chris out of the restaurant.

Back in scrubs, Karen says that they are more comfortable than spandex. Matt wants to say something, but is forestalled by Karen, who tells him to forget everything he saw there today. He jokes that he can't, the image is burned into his memory. Julie leaves before she starts to blush. Karen confesses to Matt that she is still thinking of Jagger but that she doesn't want to anymore. Matt tells her he has a motivational speech any time she needs one.

Julie tells Joe that Karen is nervous about their date. We cut back and forth between Joe wondering if it's too soon to ask Karen out, after all, she is on the rebound, and Karen hoping that if things don't work out, she won't lose Joe as her best friend. Joe wonders if

he just got carried away by the candlelight and music, and Karen wonders if Joe's having second thoughts. In the end, they both resolve to see the date through.

Eve shows up at the firehouse with Rex's credit card number for Scott. She declines his offer of recompense, saying that her date paid for dinner. Scott hesitantly questions her about the "date" aspect, and Eve eventually tells him that she just didn't want to eat out alone.

They part, a little awkwardly. Scott calls the Port Charles Hotel, pretending to be Rex, and asks for copies of his bills there.

Lucy calls Scott, excited about an idea she has to obtain the Cayman Islands financial reports. He just has to die.

The End

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