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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 11/12/97

by Dani


Karen nervously decides what to wear to Mario's for dinner with Joe. She tries to tell Rhonda that it's not a date, but Rhonda smiles as if she knows better.

Joe, too, has trouble deciding what to wear. He is teased unmercifully by his brother about which tie or jacket he should or shouldn't wear. Frank helps Julie prepare dinner for her parents and his mom.

Eve looks for a file that she thinks she might have left at the Scanlons' house. She asks Chris if he'll drive her over there to find it. Chris accuses her of needing moral support to enter Julie's domain.

On the drive to the Scanlons' house, things are cold and silent between Nicole and Bennett Devlin. She begins to question his motives for the affair. He reflects on how it began, with Eve missing a lecture and coming by his office. He paints a picture of Eve as a provocative, aggressive vixen in a red dress. He, on the other hand, was reluctant and fell prey to her demands. Nicole scoffs at his version of the affair. "You expect me to believe you?"

Act I

Nicole tells him how she thinks it happened. In her version, Eve is studious and rather dowdy, as the lecherous, unscrupulous Dr. Devlin went so far as to insinuate that she'd have to comply or fail. Nicole says that he destroyed her trust in him.

Chris drives Eve to the Scanlons and they go back and forth over how Eve can possibly repay him for all the favors he's done for her.

Joe admits to Frank that this dinner with Karen feels like a date. When Mary arrives, Frank hustles Joe out the door. Julie comes upstairs and exchanges warm greetings with Mary. Dr. and Mrs. Devlin arrive; various comments about family and togetherness make the couple feel uneasy. Around the dinner table, Julie toasts Mary, Frank and her parents. Eve and Chris arrive, to the consternation of all.

Act II

Eve tells everyone that she is looking for a report and hurries down to find it. Chris makes small talk and Mary thanks Chris for his help during the rescue of Julie. This brings it home to everyone that Chris was excluded from a dinner to thank her rescuers. When Eve finds her report and she and Chris leave, Julie mentions feeling awful to have excluded him.

At Mario's, Joe and Karen are getting the star treatment. They make awkward small talk and avoid each other's eyes. Suddenly they are serenaded by the restaurant musicians.

Everyone at the Scanlon house remarks on what a good dinner it was and Mary asks Julie if it was too much work for her so soon after her ordeal. Julie tells them that to keep her sanity while Cooper held her captive, she would remember all the wonderful family dinners she'd had and then imagine how she would do that again someday. She feels compelled to tell them all how much they mean to her and she says she wants to throw a party at the Recovery Room.

After dinner at Mario's, Karen and Joe are stuffed and much more at ease. They both confess to their nervousness. Karen reveals that marriage had given her a sense of security and confidence that she now lacks. Joe won't let her doubt herself.


Chris marvels at Eve's timing, walking in as they did on a Norman Rockwell painting. He also notes that Nicole was giving Eve the evil eye.

On their way back to the hotel, Bennett tries to lighten the mood, but Nicole says she is not going home with him.

Joe and Karen are mistaken for lovers by the restaurant hostess. Since everyone thinks they're dating, why don't they just do it? Joe asks Karen out. They agree on Friday and toast it.

The End

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