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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Tuesday 11/11/97

by Dani


Matt joins Monica Quartermaine in the OR and she offers him the honor of opening.

Rex gets a report from his private investigator DeLuca that Scott's plane is fueling in preparation for a trip to the Cayman Islands. Rx tells Danielle that he'll put in a call to the local constabulary of the Cayman Islands and that Scott will be arrested and go back to jail.

Scott is at the airport confirming the preparations as DeLuca watches unseen. As the PI prepares to leave, he is stopped by Kevin and Lucy, who have had him under surveillance.

Act I

Scott is grilling DeLuca on his association with Rex, when he is alerted that the plane is ready. He asks for a moment alone with DeLuca and then proceeds to inform the PI that he has done some checking on his background and that he is prepared to go to the police with what he has discovered. Is the PI ready to call that bluff, or will he help Scott turn the tables on Rex? In the meantime, Lucy says goodbye to Kevin, who is leaving in Scott's place to poke around in the Cayman Islands. Lucy longs to join him but must take care of business with Brenda first, then she will fly down and join Kevin. She warns him to be careful because Rex is such a dangerous man. (Lucy sees Brenda on General Hospital...it looks as if the crossovers are meshing nicely.)

Julie is pampered by Frank. He wants to take some accumulated sick time off from work to spend with her. Julie is very grateful, but assures Frank that she is fine now. She also wants to tell him about her ordeal and she tells him about the pictures that Cooper took and how he planned to perform plastic surgery on her. During this revelation, she becomes more frantic and Frank calms her. They kiss. Dr. Devlin appears at the door. He gives Frank a check for $100,000 for finding Julie, but Frank declines, asking instead that Dr. Devlin give the money to the Dominique Baldwin Pediatric AIDS Ward.

Monica again offers Matt a chance to take over the surgery. As he works with an unusual incident of bleeding, she quizzes him on it. Matt seems to be performing well.

Act II

Monica is advising Matt on this rare occurrence of bleeding, and she asks how his standing chair is working. "It's worth every penny," he replies. Monica tells him he's doing a fine job. Ellen looks on, pleased.

DeLuca tells Stanton that Scott has canceled his flight. Stanton orders DeLuca back to the firehouse to watch Scott.

With Dr. Devlin present, Frank decides to go to work. When he leaves, Bennett tells Julie that he was so afraid that he'd never see her again. She tells him that she still loves and forgives him. She tells him that she won't tell her mother about his affair with Eve, that what kept her going was wanting to be back in the midst of her happy family. She picks up the phone to call her mother and Devlin must tell her that she is in a new hotel room, the one next to his. He presents a flimsy excuse about Nicole having a cold and not wanting him to catch it. Julie asks her mom to come to dinner. Nicole asks to speak with Bennett. She tells him that she will come to dinner and try to be pleasant for Julie's sake, but that it will not change anything between them. She hangs up on him and he pretends to say goodbye to her while Julie looks on.


Kevin sits back on the bed in his hotel room in the Cayman Islands to call Lucy. As he reaches for the other pillow, he uncovers a huge lizard and tells Lucy about it. A knock at the door gives him a reason to scramble off the bed and a young boy, Ricky, claims the lizard as his pet, Gunther.

Rex finds DeLuca outside his window, spying on him. DeLuca reveals that he now works for Scott Baldwin. Danielle expresses her amusement at how the tables are turning.

Scott has invited the reporter from the PC Herald to the firehouse and wants to give her the real story behind the custody suit filed by Rex Stanton.

Matt is in the OR after surgery. Ellen stops in to tell him he did a fine job. Alone afterward, Matt agrees.

The End

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