Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 11/10/97

by Dani


In court, Danielle takes the stand and testifies that when she revealed to Scott that she was Serena's biological mother, he threatened her, frightening her into signing a quit claim.

Frank and Chris call out for Julie in the basement of the Cooper mansion, and Julie breaks Cooper's grip long enough to get a scream out. Alerted to her presence, Chris grabs a pipe to search for an entrance, and Frank races upstairs to attempt access through the extra boarded-up window.

Act I

Frank kicks in the window as Julie screams. Cooper manages to drag her from the table and shields himself with her, while brandishing a scalpel. We can hear Chris pounding away at the door, and Frank breathlessly tries to talk sense into Cooper.

Boardman regains consciousness to find Matt at his bedside. Boardman only remembers Cooper stabbing him, so Matt explains what happened to Boardman after that, but it's not until Ellen joins them and Boardman remarks on them being the last two he'd expect to find at his bedside that Ellen reveals who it was that saved his life. "Who'd've thunk?" quips Matt.

Joe and Karen attend a man who is suffering severe gastrointestinal distress, all symptoms pointing to a heart attack.

Under questioning by Stanton's attorney, the social worker assigned to Serena testifies about the little girl running away at the Halloween party. It looks bad for Lee and Gail until Justus cross-examines her, eliciting her opinion that in her professional judgment, Serena needs security and stability, and those needs would be best served by staying with Lee and Gail.

Act II

As Chris forces his way into the room, Julie swings her elbows back into Cooper's midsection with desperate force. He collapses, whereupon Frank steps in to pummel him soundly. Chris flies to Julie's side to comfort her, but as soon as Frank is done punching Cooper, Julie sobs his name and throws herself into his embrace.

After Joe and Karen rule out a heart attack, they tell Mario that he just has a massive case of indigestion from stuffing himself on the lunch menu at his Italian restaurant.

Boardman tells Matt that "thank you" may seem inadequate after having saved his life, but that his gratitude is truly heartfelt. Monica Quartermaine joins them, again lauding Matt's surgical prowess and offering him the chance to assist her during surgery.

Justus would like Gail to address the court in her professional capacity, but the judge rules it out as being prejudicial. He also tries to protest the submission of an independent study by the plaintiff's attorney, but is overruled.


As he's being taken away, Cooper taunts Frank, who has to be restrained from taking out his anger on the lunatic intern. Garcia oversees the mop-up operation, passing Dr. and Mrs. Devlin as they race to gather Julie into their arms. "You're alive!" cries Mrs. Devlin. "Thanks to Frank," gasps Julie. Mom then goes to hug Frank, and poor Chris looks on. Thanks to him are slow in coming; he's almost an afterthought.

Matt is in an operating room, trying out his new standing chair. Ellen arrives to tell him that it's a big day at GH when Boardman admits he's wrong. Matt seems unable to let the issue of Boardman go, intent on winning him over, but Ellen is optimistic about Matt's future as a surgeon at GH.

Mario tries to hush Joe and Karen about the fact that his own cooking got him admitted to the hospital and to thank them, he offers them a free dinner at his restaurant. Karen hesitates, but finally relents. After all, Joe tells her, it's not a date...it's dinner.

Justus tells Scott that there is good news and the DA is not going to revoke his bail. The judge returns to the bench and states solemnly that while Scott's behavior has proven volatile and unpredictable, this case is not about him, but about Serena and she feels Serena would be best off with Lee and Gail. She also restricts Scott's visits to twice weekly and only on the grounds of the Children's Welfare Bureau. Scott's contingent is elated, but he's not thrilled with the limits on how often and where he can see his daughter. He says he's going to fly to the Cayman Islands and is urged not to leave the country by his father. But he makes the arrangements to fuel his plane by phone, right in front of Rex Stanton.


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