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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Friday 11/7/97

by Dani


In court, Rex Stanton's lawyer outlines why they are seeking custody of Serena. Scott reacts and is reprimanded by the judge.

At the hospital, the Devlins are preparing for a television appearance, during which time they discuss the lack of progress with Frank. Mrs. Devlin (who overheard Karen and Eve discuss Eve's affair with her husband) gives Eve the "eye." Alone, she asks Eve point blank about why she had the affair with Bennett Devlin.

Act I

Eve is speechless and finally stammers that the affair is over. But Nicole Devlin blasts her for what she did. She says that Eve has robbed her of trust for her husband, just when she needs it most. She finishes by telling Eve just how wrong Julie was about her.

In his basement, Cooper suits up in scrubs in order to move freely about the hospital and steal the supplies he needs to perform plastic surgery on Julie. Julie, who is tied to a support strut, is exhausted and hopeless.

In court, Rex is questioned by his attorney and tells the judge how he never got a chance to know Serena because Scott took off with her. When Scott resurfaced in Port Charles, he and Danielle came right away. He stresses that Serena hasn't known Lee and Gail that long either, so there is no real bond there. He also confesses to having hired a private detective to watch Scott in case he tried to flee with Serena again, and the detective caught Scott taking Serena from Gail without the court-ordered supervision. Rex states that he and Danielle would be honored to provide a safe, secure home for Serena and to enforce the court's orders.

While he is pilfering supplies from a storeroom at GH, Cooper is confronted by Dr. Boardman. Cooper grabs a scalpel and stabs Boardman with it.

Act II

Bennett Devlin is trying to reassure his wife when she tells him that she knows about the affair he had with Eve. At first, it looks as if he's going to play stupid or deny it, but she won't be placated. She asks him why. He tries to tell her that it had nothing to do with his love for her, but that he was so upset by Buddy's death. Nicole says, "Don't you dare use that as an excuse!" She asks why he wouldn't have come to her, his wife who loved and might've understood. He tries to apologize, but she says that's not good enough. Sadly disgusted, she says that she hopes that Julie never finds out. Devlin looks as if he's going to be sick.

Matt finds Boardman bleeding on the floor of the storeroom and drops out of his chair to aid him. Boardman gasps out Cooper's name. His lung is collapsing and Matt snaps out orders to a nurse as he prepares to trach him.

During questioning by Stanton's attorney, Gail is forced to admit that she did not or could not prevent Scott from taking his daughter against court orders. As a professional, she admits that she felt the court order was harsh, but she quickly adds that as a citizen, she accepted it.

Lucy is not an easy nut to crack as Stanton's attorney tries to get her to admit that she was desperately searching for Scott, fearing that he'd leave the country with Serena. Lucy is playfully evasive, as only she can be. In the end, she just doesn't remember.

Karen staunchly defends Scott's intentions, saying that he told her he was making his home in Port Charles.

Chris and Frank are looking on as Bennett Devlin and his wife prepare to make their TV. plea for Julie's safe return, when Eve rushes up and tells them that Cooper may have stabbed Boardman. Frank tells Eve to call Garcia and have him meet him at the Cooper mansion. Chris is eager to go along.


Ellen tells Matt that Boardman is going to make it, thanks to him. Matt has to point out the irony of the situation. Ellen tells him that he demonstrated the quick-thinking and resourcefulness on the fly that separate the good surgeons from the gifted ones. Matt is absolutely flushed with pleasure at her praise.

Scott tells the court that he was just being a "father" when he took Serena to the gazebo, that he was not planning to flee. He explains that other than her kidnapping, this has been her first separation from him. Justus questions him as the devil's advocate, pointing out that Scott is a lawyer and should've known better. Scott maintains calmly that his only crime is that of loving his daughter, and probably loving her too much. He finishes with a plea to keep Serena out of the clutches of Rex and Danielle.

Cooper prepares Julie for surgery; as he starts to insert an IV, they hear a noise from above. At the front door, Frank warns Chris that if he doesn't want to get in trouble for breaking and entering, he better leave. "Now you tell me," Chris mutters, but still offers his shoulder as they bust the door down together. They rush into the basement and Frank points out that there are 6 windows on the outside, but that he only counts 5, so they know there must be another room.

The End

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