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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Thursday 11/6/97

by Dani

Port Charles Thursday, November 6, 1997 --Dani Lane


Kevin has returned to the lighthouse and tells Lucy about Julie and the possibility of Greg Cooper still being alive and at large. Lucy doesn't have time to worry much about that as she has been out seeking holistic enhancements to her and Kevin's fertility problems. Love potions, Kevin wonders?

Garcia is busy on the phone in the background as Frank tells Eve about the missing Father Wysocki and Chris chimes in about the mysterious orderly being spotted with a body headed for the morgue. Garcia announces that he now has a warrant to search the Cooper mansion. Frank insists on going along and Garcia relents.

Mac and Scott have arrived to confront the owner of the casino where Scott allegedly ran up large gambling debts. When asked, he admits that he's never seen Scott before.

Act I

Scott's temper is getting the better of him, so Mac tells Scott to cool it and let him take over. The casino owner sticks to his story, but Scott demands proof.

Lucy explains to Kevin that she wants to explore more natural methods of increasing their fertility, rather than depend on manufactured chemicals that are made at factories that pollute the earth. Kevin reminds her that if it weren't for those manufactured chemicals, he would not have lived through his surgery. Lucy convinces Kevin to try her "potions" by saying that 2 million Chinese people can't be wrong.

Matt rolls up to Ellen, ecstatic that his stand-up chair has arrived. She kids that he's going to completely abandon his distrust of the system.

Dr. Devlin thanks Eve for her support during the crisis, and adds that it can't be easy for her to meet his wife, Nicole, this way. Eve brushes it off saying that the only thing that matters is Julie's safety.

Cooper returns to the basement with food and water for Julie. He helps her up and expresses exaggerated distress about her crying messing up his marks on her face. He says that he wasn't able to get the supplies and anesthetic he needed, so he'll be switching to plan "B," which is to go later. Cooper and Julie hear a sound outside the room and Julie tries to scream, but Cooper gets a hand over her mouth.

Outside the room, Garcia and Frank pause, wondering if they heard anything.

Act II

Casino man may not recognize Scott, but he does have markers that are signed by a "Scott Baldwin." He shows them losses that Baldwin suffered at poker, blackjack and baccarat, to which Scott responds that he doesn't know how to play baccarat. Mac says that all the evidence seems to be circumstantial, but the fund to pay the debts did come from accounts in the Cayman Islands that have Scott's social security number. Scott begins to get pushy and Casino man calls security so they must leave.

Lucy tries out foul tasting potions on Kevin and waits for a reaction but there is none. Kevin tells her that she is all the medicine he'll ever need and they fall back on the bed smooching.

Matt approaches Boardman and tells him that he is now ready for surgery. Boardman says that he's welcome to observe anytime, but that if he thinks that any surgeons will allow him to assist, he's overestimated his success with the board of directors. Matt asks Ellen if she heard that. It's a grim harbinger of battles to come.

In the Cooper mansion basement, Detective "I'm gonna kill these writers" Garcia plays down the noise they heard, saying it was the neighborhood cat. Frank, of course, is suspicious, but in the end, they leave. In the hidden room, Cooper tells Julie to be quiet or he'll kill her right then and there.


When Eve and Karen run into each other in the corridor of GH, Eve is defensive, but Karen is contrite and tries to apologize, since Eve has been so helpful during the crisis. She admits that the affair Eve had with Bennett Devlin was a long time ago and that she recalls Eve telling her what a big mistake it was. Eve accepts the apology and tells Karen that she understands why Karen was sensitive to the subject of the "other woman." Sitting in one of the lounges, Nicole Devlin overhears the entire conversation.

Kevin and Lucy cuddle in their bed after making love. He tells her that she is all he's ever wanted in a woman: funny, intelligent, drop-dead gorgeous and head over heels in love with him. She explains that she loves him because he doesn't try to change her and that she feels very blessed. After some kidding, they get amorous again.

At the hospital, Frank tells Joe how frustrated he is about not having any luck at Cooper's mansion.

Cooper, gravely overconfident, tells Julie to go ahead and scream all she wants because the cavalry has come and gone.

Scott gets a phone call and tells Mac that they have to go back to Port Charles because Rex Stanton is challenging Lee and Gail for custody of Serena.

The End

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