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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 11/5/97

by Dani


While Lucy and Karen are driving around looking for Scott, Lucy pulls over to concentrate her psychic abilities on the problem. She gets a vision of Scott and Serena at the gazebo in the hospital's garden.

Scott tells Serena why the gazebo is such a special place for him. She asks him to build one to go with her dollhouse.

As Frank and Joe give him a flyer of the police sketch, Kevin tells Frank that he recognizes the man as the visitor he had before his surgery.

Julie is gagged and bound to the makeshift operating table in Cooper's basement, desperately surveying the various tools hanging on the walls.

Cooper, in disguise with his head bandages, bumps into Dr. Devlin. In typical soap fashion, their eyes meet and hold as we fade into the credits. (Will Devlin recognize the man from the police sketch?)

Act I

Nope. Cooper has Devlin fooled and even makes so bold as to say that he recognizes Devlin from TV, that he knows that Devlin is the doctor whose daughter is missing and that he hopes they find the S.O.B. who took her. Devlin thanks him and moves along. Devlin tells his wife that he purchased more airtime to publicize Julie's disappearance.

Frank, Chris and Kevin speculate on the chances of Cooper's survival at Forest Hills. Garcia arrives with the autopsy report; all the evidence of Cooper's demise is circumstantial. Mary Scanlon overhears the conversation. At the phones, Jake hangs up, disgusted by the greedy reward-hungry callers who don't care about Julie at all.

Rex brags to Danielle about each piece of expensive furniture in their home. She is resentful and wastes no time snooping through Rex's desk drawers the moment he leaves the room. All of which he sees on video from another room. "Predictable," he mutters.

Lucy and Karen catch up to Scott and Serena by the gazebo and Lucy berates Scott for taking such a chance with Serena.

Act II

Lucy accuses Scott of trying to run away with Serena, but Scott denies any such intention, though he confesses he was tempted. As Serena tells Karen why the gazebo is a special place because her mommy and daddy used to go there, Scott asks Lucy how she found him. She tells him that she knew that when his back was against the wall, he'd want to go somewhere where he'd feel close to Dominique and then she remembered the gazebo. Scott wonders quietly if he'll ever get over Dominique, if indeed he'll ever want to. "You don't have to," Lucy tells him. "D'ya think I'll ever fall in love again?" Scott asks. Lucy says that if he does, it will be because what he had with Dominique was so special. Scott tells Lucy that she knows him pretty well, and that he could feel Dominique looking down on him and that the custody problems all seemed to fade away. Lucy cautions him not to forget about the problems, that he must fight. They embrace.

Rex calls out a fake warning for Danielle before he enters the room, but once there, he nails her on the snooping.

Mary Scanlon tells Frank that Father Wysocki disappeared right after visiting someone at Forest Hills.


Danielle tells Rex that she was merely looking for some aspirin. He plays along, but looms ominously behind her and tells her that they must be one big, happy family.

Mary has some comforting words for the Devlins and Mrs. Devlin says that she was glad Julie had a "Port Charles Family" to look after her. Garcia, who's doing a bang up job, gathers the interns around. He has the guest register from Forest Hills and though it shows that Father Wysocki signed in and out on the night of the fire, the signatures obviously don't match.

Somewhere in the hospital, Cooper is trying to break into a supply room, but is brought up short by the arrival of security. He flings a wheelchair at the guard and takes off running.

Lucy tells Scott that when he took off the last time, she really wished that he had taken her with him. Mac calls on Scott's cellphone to say that he found the owner of the casino where Scott was alleged to have large gambling debts, and that he was going to pay him a visit. On this happy note, they depart, but unbeknownst to them, someone is snapping photos of Scott with his daughter.

The End

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