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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Tuesday 11/4/97

by Dani


Like a true blue cop, Garcia shows up at the on-call room with a box of donuts for the hard-working interns of General Hospital. He tells them that a photo developer that saw one of Julie's pictures recognized her as the subject of some photos he'd done recently. The photo developer described the man who brought the film in to a police sketch artist and the subsequent drawing is ID'd by the interns as Greg Cooper.

Lucy chatters away in a near panic while she and Kevin wait in Dr. Newman's office for their test results.

Scott bursts in on Rex Stanton, rebuffing every fake attempt at civility by Stanton. Scott rebukes Rex for tearing Serena apart with this custody suit. He questions Rex savagely, "How can you live with yourself?"

Act I

Rex maintains his charade of familial concern for Serena's welfare. Danielle enters the room and Rex explains how she has moved in to present a wholesome environment for raising Serena. Rex tells Scott that once he has custody of Serena, Scott will be allowed visitation because that is what's best for Serena. Scott says the best thing for Serena would be for both Rex and Danielle to get lost. He vows to spend the rest of his life making them regret what they've done to his daughter.

Dr. Newman informs Kevin and Lucy that, due to her previous miscarriages, Lucy has considerable scarring that might hamper conception. At Kevin's questioning, she admits that there is always hope. Lucy dissolves into sobs against Kevin's chest.

Chris tells Garcia that the picture can't be Cooper. Garcia wonders if it's a strange coincidence. He then asks the interns to spread around the flyers and the copies of the police sketch. Garcia tells Dr. and Mrs. Devlin that he will find their daughter.

Mrs. (Nicole) Devlin tells her husband that she's very frightened at the prospect of losing another child. She seeks comfort in his embrace when Eve happens along. Eve asks how she can help and Mrs. Devlin tells her to contact the radio stations.

Act II

While she is relieving Frank and Joe of some of their flyers, Mary Scanlon tells them that she asked the church to mention Julie during the Novena. She also mentions how she misses Father Wysocki.

Lucy tries to put on a stoic front, and Kevin attempts to bolster that optimism. "Why is life always such a struggle?" she asks him. Again, they embrace.

Scott goes to his parents' house and Gail cautions him about seeing Serena without a social worker present. Too late. Serena hears her father's voice and runs into his arms for a hug. He tells Gail that he needed reassurance that Serena was all right after her bad dreams of the night before.


Gail cuts the visit short by telling Scott that Serena must go to school and that she doesn't appreciate him making her play the heavy. He relents and leaves, but sneaks back in when Gail goes to start the car. Serena tells him about her bad dreams and Scott, after leaving Gail a note, whisks Serena away with him.

Lucy tells Kevin how much she appreciates him always being there for her. After he excuses himself to make some inquiries about fertility treatments, Lucy gets a call from Gail telling her that Scott has taken Serena. Knowing that taking Serena will jeopardize Scott's chance at gaining custody of his daughter, Lucy begins to worry that he might have fled the country. Lucy seeks help from Karen, who says she'll try calling her mom, who now works for Scott. When Lucy leaves, Karen runs into Jake and calls in on the carpet for what Rex and Danielle are doing to Scott and Serena. Jake tries to explain that because of the lies, Danielle is out of his life for good.

Eve discovers her patient's watch in her locker and accuses Chris of planting it there. But Joe and Frank agree with Chris that there is a pattern of sabotage against the interns taking place. Garcia asks them to explain what they suspect and they ask if Garcia can prove that the body recovered at the Forest Hills fire was really Cooper.

Mary asks Audrey Hardy if she can identify the man in the police sketch and Audrey says she can. It's the orderly she stopped in the corridor the other day. Mary says it's not him but Greg Cooper. During this exchange, a patient with bandages over his head stops to listen. It's Greg Cooper, of course.

The End

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