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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 11/3/97

by Dani


In the on-call room, Chris does his best Eddie Haskell number on Mrs. Devlin as they stuff flyers about Julie's disappearance into envelopes. Garcia interviews a hospital employee whose locker was broken into and his uniform stolen. Dr. Devlin gives contact information to Grace and tells her that he's offering a $100,000 reward for Julie's safe return.

Julie lays on a backboard on a table in Cooper's basement with her face marked for incisions while Cooper, in surgical garb, prepares for the operation. Beside Julie, he has placed his patched together photograph of his plans for her plastic surgery.

Back at the Baldwin's home, Scott panics over Serena's disappearance, and Kevin gives no-nonsense instructions for a search.

Act I

As he rushes to the front yard, Scott calls out for Serena and she answers him. He finds her in the shrubs and takes her back inside. Though everyone is relieved, Scott warns her not to ever run away again because it is so important that he not worry about her. She tells him that she overheard him tell Lucy about the bad people that want to take her away from him. He reassures her that he will fight for her.

Rex Stanton tells Danielle that because of the custody suit, she must present an image that is beyond reproach and that means moving out of Jake's apartment. She argues that she is not "living in sin," but Rex says that "Appearances are everything."

Jake, Dr. and Mrs. Devlin are all present when the security guard who stopped and questioned Cooper comes by to see Garcia. The handsome detective questions the guard and it becomes obvious that the fake orderly was probably linked to the stolen uniform and ID.

Cooper looms over Julie with scalpel in hand, glibly speaking of the upcoming procedure. As he turns his back, Julie throws off the sheet and knocks over his tray of instruments. He cries out in rage and pins her to the table.

Act II

At the Baldwin's, the party is winding down and Joe and Karen leave. The social worker commends Scott on how he handled Serena when she ran away. It's obvious that he's a good father, but she asks that he leave because she cannot stay any longer to supervise their visit. Worried about him being alone, Lucy invites him to come back to the lighthouse with her and Kevin, but Scott declines, saying he's not fit company.

Garcia seeks assistance on the phone while Chris returns to the on-call room and informs the Devlins that he has rented a billboard next to the expressway and posted Julie's picture. Dr. Devlin is impressed and asks how much he owes Chris. Frank also suggests that all the interns split the cost, but Chris magnanimously declines their offer of recompense. (Suck up! but so very smart about it!)

Cooper reprimands Julie for misbehaving. She has cost him valuable time for he now has to get more anesthetic and re-sterilize the instruments. She is lucky, he points out, that he won't let her risk infection. She's a doctor, she ought to know better!

Once he returns to the firehouse, Scott opens the door to find Eve. She tries to get Scott to eat, and failing that, she produces some leftover candy corn from the GH Halloween party. With perky banter, she attempts to lighten his mood. Lucy calls and isn't too pleased to find that Eve is there with Scott. She tells Scott not to let Eve stay too late because he needs his rest.

When Lucy hangs up, Kevin asks Lucy what business it is of her just when Scott's guests leave. She protests and he relents, acknowledging her special relationship with Scott. They hear a message on their answering machine from Dr. Newman's office asking Lucy to come down in the morning to hear the results of her tests.


The following morning, Kevin brings Lucy breakfast in bed to take her mind off the coming appointment with Dr. Newman. She claims to have a psychic premonition of doom, and Kevin confesses that he's afraid as well. He suggests that they are more afraid of the unknown and they attempt to be more optimistic.

Scott and Eve have been up all night and morning finds them looking through picture albums. Scott thanks Eve for helping him through the night and she points out that he has helped her many times.

Jake arrives home to find Danielle packing. She tells him that she has to move in with Rex and Jake complains about Rex running their lives. (I hope he hasn't forgotten that Rex has their apartment bugged!)

Karen and Joe arrive at the hospital and practically the first words out of Karen's mouth are "Where's Garcia?" Good question, Karen! It's what we've all been wondering. Frank arrives and tells the gathered doctors that after investigating the orderly who was stopped while wheeling a body to the morgue, he has confirmed that the orderly never made it to the morgue. It has become clear that the body on the gurney was probably Julie and the orderly was the one who had taken her. Mrs. Devlin breaks down in tears.

In Cooper's basement, Julie prays to God and Frank to save her.

The End

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