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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Friday 10/31/97

by Dani


As Chris and Eve enter the hospital, Ellen Burgess calls them over to the group being interviewed by the handsome Detective Garcia.

Julie is roused by Cooper, only to find that he's plastered all the photos he took of her on the opposite wall as part of his study of her facial structure. He offers her some water to drink, but she is suspicious of what it might contain. He promises that it's pure. He denies her request for food, however, because she mustn't eat before surgery. His face is very close to hers and she spits at him. He wipes it from his face and lick his fingers.

The Baldwin's home has been transformed for the Halloween party. Joe and Karen display the costumes that Lucy chose for them. Joe is George of the Jungle and Karen is Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. Karen mentions to Joe that she has hired a lawyer to draw up divorce papers. Gail and Serena enter the room and Serena is excited over her chance to see her father at the party.

Rhonda is at the firehouse with Scott and they are surrounded by furniture and boxes. Just as he expresses how excited he is about seeing Serena, there is a knock at the door. A process server hands Scott papers that show Rex and Danielle are suing for custody of Serena.

Act I

Rhonda ask Scott how Rex can possibly succeed in getting custody of Serena. Scott spells out how the charges against him will portray him as an unfit father. The scene ends with Scott vowing, "Rex Stanton is not getting his sleazy, slimy hands on my daughter!"

At GH, Grace is reading Matt his first surgical assignment and they are both happy about it.

Garcia tells the group around him that he needs to know all about Julie and her habits, hangouts, friends and enemies. Joe says that Julie had no enemies. Garcia tells him that people usually run away to be with someone or to escape a traumatic situation. "Does that ring a bell?" he asks. The group is clearly uncomfortable with the information they are holding back, but no one says a word. (Garcia's finely honed detective skills have alerted him to the presence of a major secret!)

In his basement, Cooper is cutting out facial parts from various pictures he has collected and pasted them to a picture of Julie to illustrate just what he plans to do to her. Julie is horrified.

At the Halloween party, Joe asks Karen if she's given the divorce enough thought, but she assures him that she wants to move ahead with her life. (But she won't trash the marriage, because she did love Jagger.) She thanks him for being a friend and stepping back when she needed space. Her hand rests lightly on his shoulder and the sparks all but fly in that brief moment.

Scott arrives at the party and he embraces Serena with everything he's got.

Act II

Frank tells Garcia that he and Julie are dating, and that Julie was disturbed by family problems. Cut to Mrs. Devlin telling Garcia what a perfect daughter Julie is, how she had no secrets. Cut to Eve telling Garcia that Julie's background was a secret and how they used to be roommates until there was a falling out. Garcia presses for the truth and Eve finally confesses that Julie had just found out about an affair she had had with Julie's father, Dr. Devlin. Cut to Garcia pinning Dr. Devlin down about the affair. His admission is halting, but he is obviously ready to do anything to help find his daughter.

Mrs. Devlin surprises Eve when she says that Julie wrote to her about how close she and Eve had become, and that Julie had told her all about Eve and Dr. Devlin. Eve is stunned and waits until Mrs. D. says that it was wonderful how Eve had stood up to her husband for Julie, since not many people were that brave around the intimidating Dr. Devlin. Dr. Devlin comes along, and freezes as he sees Eve and his wife talking. Mrs. D. sees him and without a word, they link arms and walk away. Devlin has the look of a man who is about to lose everything.

Ellen bestows upon Matt a case of antique surgical instruments that had been given to her by a surgeon, and that she hopes he will use for display until the day he will pass them on to another promising young surgeon. Matt is clearly touched by the gesture.

Cooper has taped the picture of his "future" Julie to her chest and he brandishes his surgical instruments to frighten her.

A sad Serena tells Scott that she wants to go home with him. He promises her that he'll straighten out the mess as soon as possible. She wanders off, giving Scott a chance to tell Gail and Lucy about Rex's custody suit. He admits that they have a very good chance of getting Serena. Lucy hushes Scott, but not before Serena has overheard part of what he said. As Gail hands out candy to the trick-or-treaters, Serena slips out the front door.


Scott, Lucy, Gail and Kevin discover that Serena is missing and they begin to search for her. Serena is hiding in the bushes outside, crying her little heart out.

At GH, Frank is instructing the interns to band together and post flyers of "Missing Julie."

Using a marker, Cooper is tracing his future incisions on Julie, who is trembling in fear.

The End

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