Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Thursday 10/30/97

by Dani


While Frank is at the hospital, Grace helps him call around looking for Julie. Frank is positive that something is dreadfully wrong so he calls the police.

Cooper has Julie chained to a chair; she frantically reminds Cooper that someone will have missed her by now and will be looking for her. Cooper isn't worried because he is known to be dead and no one will look for them here.

At the Baldwin's, a forlorn Serena asks for her daddy.

In court, Scott and Justus seek custody of Serena while Kevin and Lucy look on.

Act I

Gail tries to distract Serena with Halloween plans, but Serena insists that she won't have a party or sleep until her daddy comes to read her a story.

Justus argues valiantly for Scott, but the judge cites the kidnapping charges against Scott and the potential flight risk they present once reunited. She denies the petition until the resolution of the criminal charges outstanding, but she does grant limited, supervised visitation. Scott can't acknowledge even this small victory.

Frank is questioning a security officer when he is approached by a dashing young detective who introduces himself as Detective Garcia. Though they usually wait longer to act on a missing persons report, Garcia had heard about Frank's heroism at the Forest View Fire and wanted to come over and shake his hand.

Cooper tells Julie that he has come up with a perfect answer to the problem she presents him with, an answer that was inspired as he spied a neighbor carving a jack-o-lantern. "Happy Halloween," he chirps. Then he moves in close to her face and says, "Trick?" then moves in close to the left side of her face and adds, "or treat?" Then he licks her hair. (This guy is just plain ol' creepy!)

Act II

The incredibly handsome Port Charles detective listens while Frank outlines his concerns about Julie. Garcia tells Frank that he'll start by canvassing the hospital for anyone who might have seen Julie. Then Dr. and Mrs. Devlin arrive and introduce themselves to Frank and Garcia.

Julie has reached the end of her patience with Cooper, who says he has no intention of killing her, his "model." He tells her how he was going to be a plastic surgeon, and about how he'll now put his talent to use with her. He says, "We're about to make medical history together. You're beautiful now, but when I get done, you'll look spectacular!"

Karen and Joe bring pizza to the firehouse, and Karen calls Gail to let her know about Scott's court appearance. Struck by an inspiration to distract Serena, Karen asks Gail if she is still planning a Halloween party and would she like some help. Eve shows up with food for Scott. Karen's reception is predictably chilly. Kevin and Lucy arrive, followed by an angry Scott. Gail calls Lucy to ask if she'll bring Dirty Kitty over in an attempt to calm Serena who's just had a nightmare. Guessing what the call is about, Scott wants to go to Serena, but Kevin is adamant about not letting him ruin his chances for visitation. Scott desperately gives Lucy pointers on comforting Serena. After Kevin and Lucy leave, Scott tells Karen and Eve that if he finds Rex Stanton had anything to do with this, he'll cut off Rex's head and hang it from a pole. (Go Scott!)


Garcia asks for a picture of Julie, which Mrs. Devlin calmly provides. Garcia remarks on what a beautiful woman Julie is...as if it matters. (This updater can tell you from experience that poor Garcia has no chance at all of getting a story! Okay, the updater will step off her soapbox now.)

Julie is sleeping fitfully until Cooper wakes her with a flashing camera. She is terrified, but he continues snapping photos.

After Joe, Karen and Eve depart, Scott sits on the step of his empty firehouse and buries his head in his arms.

At the Baldwin's, Lucy comforts Serena by asking her to remember a good time she had with her dad while Kevin and Gail discuss the psychological ramifications of this separation on Serena. As Lucy takes Serena to the window to see her mommy's star, the scene shifts to the firehouse. Scott spies Dirty Kitty and, without thinking, grabs it and heads for the door. Suddenly he stops, knowing he can't go to Serena, and sinks to his knees in despair.

The End

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