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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/29/97

by Dani


Scott, Kevin, Justus and Mac arrive back at the firehouse. Kevin tries to point out a bright side to Scott, that he is free now to fight the charges against him. Scott, however, the eternal pessimist, is angry about circumstances keeping him away from his daughter.

Frank and Joe are having breakfast at home. Frank calls down into the basement for Julie. He tells Joe that her absence is weird and he doesn't like it.

Julie is banging away at her handcuffs with the hammer until she hears Cooper coming, so she hides the hammer under the mattress. He brings her breakfast, but he has heard the racket and suspiciously, angrily, looks for a cause but he finds none. She gets him talking about food, trying to distract him. He goes out to get some more food and she picks up the fork that came with her breakfast. She hammers the tines.

Act I

With all but one tine hammered back, Julie attempts to pick the lock on her handcuffs. She's frustrated, crying and growing more and more hysterical. She forces herself to calm down and concentrate on escaping.

Ellen sees Matt having breakfast at the Recovery Room. Matt doesn't seem as nervous about the result of the board meeting as Ellen. He's paged by GH. This could be the answer he's waiting for. Mike stops by the table while Matt goes to answer the page. He returns to tell Mike and Ellen that the board has reached a decision and he has to go to the hospital.

Everyone at the firehouse is trying to keep Scott calm and gain his cooperation. Scott insists that he has to get Serena, and Mac suggests that as soon as Scott has her, he'll flee. Kevin says that life on the run is no life for a child. Scott finally agrees not to run, but tells Justus to file papers to get custody of Serena anyway. They proceed to go over the substantial evidence against Scott. Mac says there are huge documented gambling debts and records that trace the diamonds to an account in Scott's name.

Frank checks with Grace about Julie, but she hasn't seen her. When Frank expresses his concern to Joe that Julie wouldn't leave to see a friend without telling him, Joe wonders if Julie might not visiting a male friend and asks Frank if they've had a fight. Frank says no way.

Julie finally gets the cuffs open. She grabs the hammer and breaks a window. There's no time to escape because she hears Greg at the door. What is she going to do?

Act II

Cooper enters the basement room and finds it empty and the window broken. Thinking Julie has escaped, he cries out angry threats against her.

Matt has an entourage of support as he meets Alan Quartermaine at GH. Alan gives him the good news that the board agreed unanimously to allow him to operate at GH and to purchase the equipment that Matt would need. Everyone is elated.

Cooper rages while Julie hides in a wooden box. He vows to make her pay. She has a close call when a rat squeaks at her through the wood slats of the box, but Cooper merely throws the hammer at the rat.

Lucy arrives at the firehouse with an editorial from the Port Charles Herald that crucifies Scott. Scott is certain that the picture it paints of his character will prevent him from ever getting custody of his daughter again. The article is factual, but slanted against him.

Rex is on the phone, thanking the reporter who wrote the piece. He expresses the hope that his nephew will get what is coming to him. Rex is insufferable.

Frank is calling Julie's friends looking for her. He finally calls Dr. Bennett Devlin. Of course, Dad is very concerned. He says that he'll start calling her friends as well. The search for Julie has united Frank and Devlin, if only temporarily.

As he strips the basement room of incriminating contents, Cooper is still describing aloud how he'll pay Julie back for getting away. Unknown to him, Julie is crouched in a box just below where he is working.


Chris tells Joe and Frank that Julie's bike is still outside the hospital. He is also very concerned.

Cooper has removed all the evidence of his and Julie's presence in the basement and leaves. Julie creeps out of her hiding spot and discovers that she's locked in.

Karen, Jake and Ellen are congratulating Matt on his victory. Boardman approaches and tells Matt that even though they were on opposite sides, he hopes there are no hard feelings. After he leaves, Matt says, wonderingly, "Who'd've thought?"

Scott and Lucy are sharing a quiet moment. He wonders who will believe that he is a fit father after reading the article in the Herald. He says that due to Dominique and Serena, he's changed and Lucy agrees that they both have. They reminisce about the wild, fun escapades they have had together. Lucy says that, like her, he now has to prove how he's changed. One way to do that is not to be ashamed of who he was before. He confides quietly that she is the best friend he's ever had.

Using the fork, Julie has picked the lock on the basement door and slides it open. Then she runs smack dab into Cooper, who has returned for his watch. He's surprised and not a very happy guy.

The End

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