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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Tuesday 10/28/97

by Dani


Karen has arrived at the police station to see Scott. He is frantic about getting out to fight the charges against him. He's also worried about Serena.

Outside, the social worker interviews Gail about whether she can provide a suitable environment for Serena. Lucy interrupts, insisting that they put a halt to all the nonsense and let a very frightened Serena go home with her grandmother.

At the board meeting at GH, the directors interview Matt. Citing the cost and the increased liability, they ask why they should approve his request.

Julie grows desperate. She begs Cooper to let her go, promising never to tell a soul about him. (Get real! He's insane, but he's not an idiot.) He tells her it's out of the question, that she has no one to blame but herself for the position they are in.

Act I

Cooper rages. He says Julie interrupted his plan. He reveals how he set up Karen, Chris and Eve. He says that she was the only one he wasn't after, that she was the nice one, and, he adds, pretty. (He has this very creepy way of getting in close to Julie and brushing his lips against her hair.) Now she's a problem to be solved. When she tells him he could flee to another country and practice medicine, he says that he's no longer in the business of medicine, that he is now a problem solver. He reminds her of a few problems, and all of them ended with someone dead or injured. He leaves her alone and Julie wishes for Frank to rescue her.

Scott shouts at Kevin and Justus about getting out. He wants to know just what evidence and witnesses the prosecution have against him.

Kevin suggests getting Mac involved and Scott agrees. Justus tries to calm Scott down.

Rex is still bragging to Danielle about setting this trap for Scott. Danielle can barely disguise her contempt. He informs her that now they can file for custody of Serena. (I hope she is wired! Wait, this is Danielle we're talking about...)

Matt tells the directors that after his accident he studied the people who helped him recover, that he decided then he wanted to be a doctor, most of all, a surgeon. He's researched hospitals who have handicapped doctors and that the cost and the liability is not that much greater than those that don't. He boasts of still being an athlete, about his great upper body strength, his hand/eye coordination and his steady hands. During this speech, Alan smiles with approval.

Act II

Mac tells Scott that they want to make a broad investigation so that they don't overlook anything, but Scott insists that they need look no further than Rex Stanton. The FBI returns to handcuff Scott.

The social worker gives Gail temporary custody of Serena. Lucy is indignant. Serena asks where her daddy is. Rex and Danielle show up, Rex feigning astonishment at Scott's inadequacy. Lucy will not let Serena hear another word from them, and Gail takes her away. Just then, Scott is brought out and tries to attack Rex. After restraining him, Scott's friends get him into the courtroom for his arraignment.

Ellen talks with Mike Corbin outside the boardroom, telling him about Matt's progress. Frank shows up to show his support and, by the way, has anyone seen Julie?

Julie tries to reason with Greg. He brings her food, but she refuses to eat if he has to feed her like a baby. He unshackles one of her hands. She spots a hammer under the bed. Does she have a plan?


At the arraignment, the prosecuting attorney requests Scott be held without bail. Justus cites that Scott has strong ties to the community and will not be a flight risk. The judge asks Scott to stand so that he may make his recommendation.

Matt comes out of the meeting and tells Mike and Ellen that all they can do now is wait until the board makes their decision. Alan is inscrutable as he leaves the boardroom.

Rex entertains a female reporter from the Port Charles Herald. Knowing she has a history of championing children's causes, Rex expresses his deep concern over the well-being of his grandniece, Serena. He convinces her to do an editorial on the subject.

Frank is at home looking for Julie. Not overly concerned, he leaves her a note.

Julie is nervous while Cooper speculates on her fate. He remarks that his head aches. He's going to resecure Julie's free hand so he can go upstairs. She begs him to allow her just that one little freedom. He rages about being confined, sometimes in a straightjacket. She suggests that he must understand how she feels. He lets her keep one hand free, and with it, she grasps the hammer.

The End

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