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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 10/27/97

by Dani


Scott is harshly interrogated by the FBI at Police HQ. He can't believe that they think he kidnapped his own daughter. Outside the interrogation room, Serena waits with Gail. When Lucy and Kevin show up, Serena hugs Kevin and cries for her daddy.

Matt waits for his turn to address the board. Joe, Jake and Eve wish him luck and when questioned, Eve says that she doesn't know where Julie is.

Greg fortifies his basement. He admits to Julie that grabbing her was not part of his plan.

Act I

Greg says he can do whatever he wants now that he's a "dead" man. Julie suggests correctly that he was the one behind all the sabotage at the hospital.

At the nurses station, Chris approaches and teases Eve about picking up coffee on the way home. He makes it clear to Joe and Jake that his and Boardman's view on Matt performing surgery is the more practical one.

Danielle goes to see Rex and comments about him bugging her apartment. Rex gets a call from his lawyer with the good news about Scott being arrested, which he passes along to Danielle.

At police HQ, Lucy and Gail try to comfort Serena, but she's inconsolable.

Scott vehemently denies any part in kidnapping Serena. He asks Conklin how he could even entertain the thought after seeing what Scott went through all the time Serena was gone. Conklin points out that Scott made arrangements to pay a ransom without the FBI's knowledge. Scott says that the FBI botched the case, and is desperate for a scapegoat. Lucy gets in to talk to Scott. She tries to calm him by reminding him that he once falsely accused her of kidnapping Serena. He tells Lucy that he feels powerless.

Act II

Rex tells Danielle that it's been his goal to prove Scott an unfit father. He also gloats about how he's orchestrated the whole thing, all the while keeping his hands clean.

Kevin seems to be the only one who can comfort Serena. He tells her a funny story about him, Mac, Felicia and Lucy going to France and how Lucy was dressed as a nun and sneaking bites of French bread because she was so hungry. This gets Serena to laugh, but she slips back into her funk.

Scott and Lucy discuss how all this started back when Rex arrived in Port Charles. Lucy wants to call Karen and let her know, which Scott reluctantly approves. Conklin reappears and asks Scott when he was last in the Cayman Islands.

Karen talks to Matt while he waits for the board. She wonders what he'll do if they turn him down. He says he'll keep trying and if unsuccessful, he'll sue them. He tells her that before his accident, he was an athlete, that he was, still is, very competitive. Karen expresses her admiration at his fortitude and compares his struggles to hers. He says he had six months in a hospital bed to contemplate his life and where he was heading.

Cooper tells Julie that he set out to destroy Karen's career because she, an ex-stripper, was the least qualified of all the interns. He says that he wasn't after Julie initially. He threatens her and she blurts out that they'll be looking for her in the morning.


Cooper gags Julie and calls the hospital. He poses as a college friend and tells them that Julie has flown to the aid of a sick friend.

Ellen tells Matt that he's really managed to unite the interns. She's feeling frumpy after working all night, but Matt compliments her appearance. She plans to wait with him for the meeting.

Conklin reveals that some of the ransom money was traced to an account in the Cayman Islands in Scott's name, and that there are bookies ready to testify that Scott has huge gambling debts. The FBI's case is built on the fact that Scott is trying to bilk Serena's estate out of money. As these facts come out, we cut back and forth between Rex telling Danielle how he has set a perfect trap for Scott and the FBI accusing Scott of masterminding the whole kidnapping.

The End

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