Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Friday 10/24/97

by Dani


Scott tells Karen and Serena scary stories during their firehouse campout. Lucy and Kevin arrive to join in the fun. Serena insists thatScott join her and Karen in putting on a live "show." Scott is reluctant, but goes upstairs with his daughters just the same, leaving Lucy to sadly acknowledge to Kevin that she doesn't want Serena to move away.

Eve relaxes in the luxury of Chris' apartment. Sipping a martini, she thanks him. "It's not free," he says. "I don't have any money," she replies. "That's not what I had in mind, sweetie," he smiles smugly at her.

Julie stares at the supposedly "dead" Greg Cooper in the on-call room where she has just questioned him being in Eve's locker. He lunges at her.

Act I

Greg Cooper has Julie by the neck. She's very frightened and begs him not to hurt her. He injects her with something that puts her out immediately. He kisses her absently on the top of the head.

The Spice Girls (I assume) play as Karen and Serena slide down the firepole. They dance and lip-synch to the amusement of Kevin and Lucy. (Karen ought to stay away from poles when she dances, though! Too reminiscent of her days at Sonny's Paradise Club.) Scott eventually slides down the pole with his dark sunglasses on, and he joins Lucy and Kevin as they all dance to the music. Lucy has a ball, Scott jumps around enthusiastically and Kevin looks as if he's just trying not to be left out. (The camera is flicking from shot to shot, so it's hard to tell, but on the whole, everyone is having a good time!)

After establishing that it's not sex Chris wants in return for Eve's sharing his apartment, he reveals that he wants domestication from her. She offers to call for take out, but Chris wants a home-cooked meal. As she reluctantly heads for the kitchen, he asks for the tv remote. He's not above humiliating her.

Jake and Matt talk about equipment Matt has researched on the internet. Jake is very supportive. Matt is grateful and optimistic.

Greg Cooper ties a toe tag on the unconscious Julie who is covered completely as if dead. Back in his disguise (with glasses) he wheels her out on a gurney into the hall. He has a close call with a security guard who wants to check out his I.D.

Act II

At the firehouse (I keep hearing a song by KISS,) Lucy assures Serena that they will still be close even though she is moving out with her father. After they leave, Lucy and Kevin pause outside, and Lucy wonders about all the little extras she adds to Serena's life. Kevin tells her that she'll see her often enough. Lucy says that she wants all of them to be a family.

Ellen comes across Matt going over his presentation for the board of directors. He asks her to play Boardman's role to help him prepare. Even though she was going home, she stays to help.

After eating dinner, Chris offers to let Eve share his bed. She declines. He points out that going legit has just left her broke, without friends and homeless. She can't argue with that, but she stands firm on occupying the couch.

Cooper gets the okay from the security guard. He's starting to wheel the gurney away when Audrey Hardy stops him. She picks up his fallen name tag, which he takes. He hurries away while Audrey looks after him with faint concern written all over her face.


When Karen and Jake join them in the on-call room, Ellen and Matt realize they've been working all night. Jake wonders if anyone's seen Julie. Eve and Chris come in together. Chris seems very pleased with himself. Eve is once again snubbed by Karen.

Julie awakens in the basement of Greg Cooper's parent's house. They have taken a six month cruise. Julie begs to be released.

Ellen offers to talk to the board on Matt's behalf, but he insists on fighting his own battles. He says he is ready.

Gail checks out the firehouse and Scott tells her that he plans to practice law again. He also says that there will be a security system so that no one he doesn't want can get in. Just then there's a knock at the door and Conklin, the FBI agent, is there. They tell Scott he's under arrest for kidnapping Serena.


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