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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Thursday 10/23/97

by Dani


Scott leads a blindfolded Serena into their new home--the firehouse! (No wonder Scott called Justus!)

Eve is reassuring a patient scheduled for surgery. He shows her his lucky solid gold pocket watch. Will she hold it for him while he's in surgery tomorrow? Of course, she tells him, she'll stop by for it first thing in the morning. As she leaves, she passes a mopping orderly--Greg Cooper!

Julie and Karen find evidence that Eve is living in the on-call room (nylons in the shower, unmade bed, shoes on the floor and food in the fridge.) Eve protests that it's only a temporary arrangement, but Julie and Karen have no sympathy.

Burgess is telling Alan Quartermaine that Boardman is prejudiced against Dr. Harmon.

Act I

Alan tells Burgess that he finds Dr. Boardman's analysis of Matt's abilities unenlightened, but that he is worried about the litigious society they live in. Ellen makes a compelling case for Matt and produces the letter signed by most of the interns. Alan points out that she's picking a fight with the wrong guy. Surgery is Boardman's area. She responds that the interns are hers. Alan remarks that she ought to be the one to speak to the board about it, so convincing is she.

Grace tells Jake that someone is waiting for him in the lounge. It's Rex and he wants to know if Jake has gotten the results of Danielle's DNA test. Jake says that he has.

Serena loves the firehouse. She wants everyone to visit and Scott promises her that there will be lots of parties. He shows her a telescope all set up to view "Mommy's Star." Serena begs him to let them sleep there tonight. You can tell that Scott just can't say no.

Cooper sneaks back into the surgery patient's room and steals his pocket watch. Meanwhile, Karen is telling Eve that she can't live in the on-call room and Julie suggests that she leave town all together. Eve points out that they both came to Port Charles for the same reason: to start new lives away from her father. This hits a nerve and Julie strides out. Chris passes her on his way in. He knows of Eve's plight and makes a couple of cracks which she doesn't find amusing. Suddenly, he offers her the couch at his place. She resists.

Act II

Ellen tells Matt that she spoke with Alan Quartermaine about him. Surprisingly, Matt doesn't want her to champion him.

With an electric bbq and hot dogs cooking, Scott and Serena have a campout at the firehouse. To his dismay, she hauls out her Spice Girls CD. She says one of the artists reminds her of Eve because she's into "girl power." Scott seems to like that.

Eve is packing when Karen and Julie return to the on-call room. When Karen gives her grief, Eve tells her to butt out, that she doesn't need an ex-stripper telling her how to live her life. She leaves. Karen asks Julie if she called her mother. Julie agonizes over the decision of whether to tell her mother the truth or not. She wonders if Buddy knew that her father was like this, if knowing deepened his depression and caused him to commit suicide. It also occurs to her that his affair with Eve could just be one of many. She is angry that her father left when he did, that he didn't stay and try to work through some of the mess with her. Her whole perception of him is damaged.


Ellen wonders if Matt's walking away from a fight. Matt says he prefers to do as he's always done: depend on himself, that no one can fight for him better. She asks him if she can't help him like he helped her. Sometimes, he says, you have to fight for someone who can't or won't fight for themselves.

Grace tells Julie that a surgery patient is accusing Eve of stealing his watch. Julie snaps that she wouldn't put it past Eve.

Jake informs Rex that there is enough shared DNA between Danielle and Serena to make them mother and daughter. Rex is pleased.

Karen arrives at the firehouse for the cookout with Scott and Serena. Scott gives her a key and tells her to stop by anytime, that he never got a chance to know her when she was little, but that he's enjoying the chance to do so now.

Chris is pouring drinks at his apartment when Eve knocks at the door. He was expecting her. Though she's not thrilled to be there, she has to admit it's nice. They sit on the couch, take a drink and sink down into the comfort of the leather upholstery. He makes glib remarks and she tells him that it's better than living out of her locker.

At her locker, Cooper is putting the watch in it. Julie comes in and notices him. She confronts him about what he's doing in Eve's locker and then asks for ID. He offers his name badge and takes off his glasses, finally meeting her eyes. "Oh my God!" she gasps, "Greg Cooper!"

The End

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