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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/22/97

by Dani


At the Recovery Room, Joe and Karen are discussing Matt's exclusion from surgical rotation and who might possibly be setting up the interns. Grace hurries in and tells them that Scott Baldwin hit Bennett Devlin.

Scott is at the lighthouse, icing down his knuckles. Lucy finds him and asks about his blood tests. He tells her what Eve said, downplaying the fact that there were drugs in his system. Then Lucy notices his hand.

At the nurses station, Julie tells Eve that she's moving out. Eve tells her not to bother, that she'll move out instead.

Act I

Scott tells Lucy that he had to give Devlin a lesson in manners. Lucy is nervous and Scott asks why. She tells him that she has an appointment with Dr. Newman in order to find out if she's healthy and fit enough to have a baby. Scott brings up the time that they lost a baby together. He says that as lousy as that was, it was probably for the best since neither of them could've handled a kid at the time. Lucy agrees, but asks what she'll do if the doctor tells her she'll never have children. Scott reassures her that she'll always have Serena and Lucy is grateful to hear it. Serena comes downstairs and Lucy takes her to the bus stop. Scott gets on the phone and calls Justus Ward.

Eve is packing. Julie arrives and the two of them exchange bitter words. Frank interrupts them and Eve hustles out. Julie tells a curious Frank that Eve and her father had an affair while Eve was in med school. Frank tries to be sympathetic, but he won't come down too hard on Eve since it takes two to tango. That's not what Julie needs to hear right now, so she declines his offer to walk her back out. He tells her he's sorry she had to find out about her father this way. She insists that it's better to know the truth.

Chris joins Karen, Grace and Joe, bubbling over with the news that Scott Baldwin broke Bennett Devlin's jaw. (This is getting better every time!) Joe pitches Matt's cause to Chris, who appears to be hesitantly open to the idea of signing a petition. As Karen leaves, Eve meets her breathlessly and asks if she can move in with her. Karen begins to decline, but Eve pleads with her. Reluctantly, Karen agrees. As Eve leaves the Recovery Room, Cooper steps out from behind the building and follows.

Act II

Frank's working on the bathroom sink in Julie's apartment when Devlin shows up looking for his daughter. Frank throws some harsh words at him, but Devlin won't participate and leaves quickly.

Cooper is watching Eve at the hospital when Scott shows up. He's looking for Lucy, but Eve remarks that she heard he cracked 3 of Devlin's ribs defending her honor. Scott brushes it off as all in a day's work. Eve walks away with Cooper trailing behind.

Karen approaches Scott, saying that she heard he put Devlin in a body cast. Scott says the gossip will soon be that he put him in the morgue. At her query, Scott reassures Karen that the fight wasn't about her, but about comments Devlin made regarding his ability to parent Serena and about being on goofballs.

At the nurses station, Julie overhears one nurse tell another that Scott knocked Devlin unconscious and that one of his broken ribs punctured a lung. Karen catches the last part and tells Julie that it's not true, that Scott just told her that he only punched Devlin. Do you know what the fight was about, Karen asks. I'm afraid so, Julie replies miserably.

At the Recovery Room, Chris and Joe discuss who could be setting up the interns. They ask Mike Corbin his opinion and he agrees that it's too coincidental not to be a set up. Matt arrives and confronts Chris. Apparently Chris had spoken to Boardman about the liability involved in Matt performing surgery. Matt is furious, telling Chris that he'd already agreed to sign a waiver of liability and that Boardman knew it. He also tells Chris to butt out. He rolls away in a huff. After taking more flack from Joe, Chris says that they can't ignore the flip side of the issue. He makes an example of Joe's mom needing surgery--who would he want to do the operation? Matt or a doctor who can move freely about the operating room? Joe's face reveals his frustration at not being able to argue the point.

Scott finds Lucy back at the lighthouse. She tells him that she is scheduled for tests, even though Dr. Newman thinks it is a bit premature to worry. Scott tells her that she'll soon have plenty of peace and quiet because he just bought a house.

Eve shows up at Karen's, but it's obvious that Karen's gotten an earful from Julie. Now we all know how Karen's going to feel about the "other" woman--any "other" woman!


Karen lets Eve have it. In trying to defend herself, Eve says things that could apply to Karen's situation with Jagger (like "happily married men don't stray") which enrages Karen and she kicks Eve out.

Lucy is not happy about Scott and Serena moving out. Kevin comes home. She confesses to him that she's scared of what the test results might show, scared that she'll never have a baby.

Devlin finds Julie to tell her goodbye. She wants to know why he was kissing Eve if the affair was indeed over. He says it was a goodbye peck that got out of hand, then he implied that Eve initiated it. (What a guy!) "Are you going to tell your mother?" he asks. "I don't know," Julie replies.

At GH, Joe rehashes his point in favor of Matt with Chris. Chris gets Grace to admit that she might have reservations about Matt's ability to perform surgery. Joe is disappointed. Chris tells him that it's not just Boardman or him, it's the system and that Matt is fighting a losing battle.

The End

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