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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Tuesday 10/21/97

by Dani


Scott shows up at GH. He runs into Karen and Matt, but he's looking for Eve. After he departs, Dr. Burgess arrives to let Karen and Matt know that neither one of them is on the surgical rotation. Karen kids bleakly about moving out west where her reputation won't precede her. Matt joins in her dark speculation, adding that Boardman has arbitrarily decided that Matt will not operate at GH.

Julie tells her father and Eve that she'd not surprised to find them together in the on-call room. Dad tries to imply that Julie has misinterpreted what she saw, but Julie's not buying it. Scott intrudes and tells Eve he's been looking for her.

Act I

Scott and Eve leave the room to talk, and Julie tells her father about Eve and her moving in together and how Eve had laid a sad tale on her about having an affair with a married man whose line had been that his wife didn't understand him. "Mom built her life around you," Julie cries, "what more could she have done to understand?" Devlin recounts how it was a bad time in their marriage, that after Buddy's death, each of them blamed the other. He admits that he and her mother were both a wreck. Julie calls it an excuse. Devlin warns her not to judge a situation she doesn't understand.

Scott is pestering Eve for more info on his blood tests. She's testy and Scott wonders if Devlin is bothering her. Eve decides to tell Scott that Bennett Devlin kissed her in the on-call room and that Julie walked in and saw it. Scott is perplexed. Isn't the relationship over? Yes, Eve assures him. Scott tells her that she's getting what she deserves for getting involved with him in the first place.

Joe meets Karen at the Recovery Room. She tells him about not making surgical rotation. She also tells him about Matt. Joe is outraged at the unfairness. Burgess overhears and tells them not to gossip. They ask her to intervene with Boardman on Matt's behalf. Burgess tries to tell them that it's not a perfect world. She doesn't sound optimistic about Matt's chances.

Eve tells Scott she's not perfect. Scott can't figure out what Eve was doing with Devlin in the first place. Eve asks if all Scott's "partners" have been good choices. He good-naturedly admits that they haven't been. Did you love him (Devlin)? Scott asks Eve. She replies that she was young and he hurt her deeply. She starts to get emotional, crying a little at the fact that Julie now hates her. She's paged. It's Jake. She calls him for the results on Scott's blood tests.

Act II

Eve tells Scott he tested positive for hallucinogens. She asks if he's taking drugs, which he emphatically denies. He still maintains that he's been doped on purpose. Eve suggests other drugs or allergies (even a brain aneurysm) that could cause tests to misfire. Scott swears it was Rex Stanton and that Rex will never get another chance to drug him again.

Devlin attempts to tell a pained Julie about meeting Eve while he was mourning for Buddy. He says he was flattered by her attention. Julie points out that Eve and she are the same age and how could he do that to her mother? "Your mother didn't care," Devlin replies. He keeps stressing how messed up he was at the time. Julie accuses him of merely being self-indulgent. He vows to her that it will never happen again, but Julie is not about to accept anything he promises. He pleads with her to understand and forgive him. "Don't hold your breath!" she tells him.

Matt joins Karen and Joe. They tell him how upset they are over Boardman's keeping him off of surgical rotation. Matt says he's going to fight because with the correct drugs and equipment, he can operate. He has the determination to succeed. Joe thinks that the interns might be able to show some support and change Boardman's mind. Matt is touched and pleased.


Joe returns to the table and tells Matt and Karen that Ellen gave her blessing to their idea of a petition by the interns to support Matt's appointment to the surgical rotation. Heartened, Matt leaves. Joe knows that Karen is still smarting because she's not allowed to operate and he offers her a shoulder or an ear should she need one.

Eve finds Julie in the on-call room. She tries to apologize, but Julie isn't hearing it. She accuses Eve of throwing herself at her father. Eve doesn't get a chance to defend herself as Julie's pager beeps and they are summoned to the emergency room to help with victims of a car pile-up.

In the emergency room, Matt is there to help, but is brusquely dismissed by Boardman. He orders Julie and Eve to work together. Julie can't restrain herself and calls Eve a slut.

Devlin sees Scott and comments on how he seems to have survived being under the influence and how that's not the best behavior for a father to exhibit. Scott retorts that hitting on interns isn't model behavior either. Devlin makes a crack about Eve not coming cheap and the Scott that we all know and love hauls off and decks him.

The End

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