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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 10/20/97

by Dani


Dr. Devlin is kissing a towel-clad Eve in the on-call room when Julie walks in. Undetected, she backs out of the room and doesn't see Eve push Devlin away (c'mon Eve, it's a little late to protest.) Devlin tries to cajole her but Eve is having none of it.

Kevin and Lucy come home to the lighthouse just before Serena can lick one of the drugged envelopes. They all kid around about Serena's party and costumes and Sigmund. When Serena invites them to help with the invitations, Kevin and Lucy fumble with some excuse about taking a "nap."

Back at Jake's, Scott is trying to get him to confess to being involved with ex and that Rex is behind everyone's troubles, especially Danielle, who is noticeably scared of her uncle. Scott offers to use his money and influence o make whatever Rex has on Danielle to "go away." Eavesdropping by bug, Rex gets worried that Jake is going to talk.

Act I

Scott continues to try and win Jake's trust. Just as Jake is thinking over is options, Rex calls. He confirms that he did indeed drug Scott and that unless Jake wants to end up drugged or worse, he'd better change the subject and get rid of Scott. Scott is suspicious of the phone call, but Jake stonewalls him and gets him to leave. Then he angrily searches his apartment for the bug.

Serena retrieves the envelope from the floor and starts to lick it, but Gail stops her. She suggests they use a sponge to do all the envelopes at once, since they don't know what might be in that yucky old glue.

Kevin and Lucy are trying to get intimate when Gail calls from outside their bedroom door about where Lucy keeps her stamps. After that, Kevin's private phone line rings. It's a wrong number. Then Lucy's cellular phone rings. It's Serena. She's going to deliver a picture under their door to welcome Kevin home from the hospital.

Devlin catches Eve outside the on-call room. He wants to apologize and Eve tells him that their relationship was the single biggest mistake of her life. He wants to convince her otherwise, but she warns him not to lay another hand on her or she'll have him up on a sexual harassment lawsuit. A nurse interrupts them to ask if they know where Julie is; she hasn't answered her page. Eve covers for Julie.

Act II

At his place, Jake demands that Rex remove the bug. Rex accuses Jake of almost spilling his guts to Scott. He again warns Jake not to take sides with Scott against him.

Kevin and Lucy are getting naked when there's a knock on the door. It's Scott, who busts in and catches Lucy and Kevin in each other's robes. He thinks better of interrupting them and leaves. Kevin has an idea that will assure them of time alone. We switch scenes to Kevin carrying Lucy over the threshold of a room at the PC Hotel. They kiss. Suddenly there's a knock at the door. Kevin screams. (This was funny!) It was room service with champagne and a fruit basket. Kevin shoos the bellboy and he and Lucy hop into the bed, laughing and undressing in haste. We fade out.


Eve finds Julie the next morning at the Recovery Room. She asks where Julie got off to the night before when she missed her page. Julie tells Eve that she's had a lot of thinking to do...about the married man Eve had an affair with during med school. She tells Eve that she has put 2 and 2 together. Eve tries to play dumb, but Julie says that she saw Eve and her father kissing. She bitterly accuses Eve of having a good laugh over her ignorance. Eve tries to explain that she didn't think that she'd ever see Devlin again after med school and that she certainly didn't know that Devlin was Julie's father when they moved in together. Julie tells Eve that she should meet her mother, who is a saint and very in love with her father. Eve looks whipped, both guilty and rebuked. Julie says that knowing about this affair would kill her mother. "Then don't tell her," Eve says flatly. "Fine," says Julie, "but let me tell you what I think of you. You're a bitch." Eve, obviously hurt, says nothing. She gets up and in a quavering voice tells the bartender that she'll take her coffee to go.

Kevin and Lucy are basking in the afterglow. They pinch and kiss and talk about how good life is right now, how it will only get better. Lucy tentatively mentions that they might try getting pregnant again and Kevin agrees. She confesses that she is frightened by her previous miscarriages and wants to have a doctor check her for problems. Kevin tries to be reassuring but agrees that it's a good idea.

Eve gets Devlin in the on-call room to tell him that they have a big problem, that Julie knows about their affair because she saw them kissing. Devlin looks stricken, but before he can say "boo," Julie enters. She's not pleased to see them together again.


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