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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Friday 10/17/97

by Dani


At GH, Scott questions Eve about what type of drugs he was given. She wonders how he can be sure that someone doped him in the first place. He abruptly tells her that he is going to get some answers.

Rex is at Jake's apartment, still marveling that Scott's blood sample ended up in Jake's hands. His theatrics are wasted on Jake. Rex then orders Jake to get to work on the second round of tests on Scott's blood, as well as to start matching the DNA from Serena's and Dominique's blood.

Chris is arguing with Joe and Karen when they insist he changed Joe's patient's chart. Around the bend in the corridor, Cooper (in disguise with glasses) listens and smiles a bit as Chris tells Joe and Karen that they are as sick as Cooper was.

Act I

Eve wants to help Scott find out how he got drugged by asking him who he saw that day and what he ate. (Those damn fish sticks, he tells her.) Scott insists that Jake will have the answer, but Eve doesn't want to accuse Jake of anything without absolute proof.

Ellen, exasperated, asks Matt what he said to Boardman to cause him to nearly take her head off. She tells Matt that you just don't talk to a doctor like Boardman in that manner and it's possible that he'll never operate at GH because of it. Matt is obstinate and resolute. He tells her that he is an expert at bucking the system. He applauds the Vietnam veterans for their progress in obtaining a fair shake for the disabled via the Americans With Disabilities Act. (Which is why I think Boardman opened GH up for a big ol' lawsuit when he shot Matt down for surgical rotation.) He agrees that he may have blown it with Boardman, but that he's not finished by a long shot.

The argument between Chris and Joe and Karen grows heated. Julie arrives and cautions them to be quiet, but Boardman overhears and demands an explanation. Joe immediately blurts out that Chris has endangered his patient's life by altering a chart. Karen agrees. Chris insists that he just received a page to the room and read the chart. Boardman tells Joe and Karen that the charges they are leveling against Chris are very serious and that he'll turn it over to Burgess. He then tells them to act like doctors and that Dr. Devlin's farewell address is starting.

Act II

All the interns but Jake are gathered in the on-call room to hear what Devlin has to say. His speech to them is inspirational, all about the wonders they can perform as surgeons and the rewards, monetary and otherwise, that they can earn. He finishes by saying that all of them would probably work for nothing though, because they love what they are doing. By the looks on their faces, he appears to have hit a chord with the interns.

Scott shows up at Jake's and demands to know where Rex Stanton is. He tells Jake that Rex drugged him. Rex is listening in via his bug and he reflects smugly on how he treated Scott's envelopes with the drug.

Gail is helping Serena make invitations to a Halloween party. Whoops! They don't have enough envelopes! That's okay, Serena tells Grandma Gail, Daddy always has some in his briefcase and he always shares with her.


Chris whines to Julie about the accusations Karen and Joe are making against him. She does help him to see that if it wasn't him, then who was it? This makes something click for him. He goes to Joe and Karen, first to apologize, then to propose that someone is trying to set all of them up: Karen with Kevin's IV, Joe with the altered chart, and him with the intern's files. Joe seems to warm to this idea. None of them notice that Cooper is right behind them at the drinking fountain.

Boardman catches up to Matt and hands him his new assignment: it's a desk job. Matt is belligerent, and Boardman is making it a power play.

Devlin comes back to the on-call room for a file he forgot and catches Eve in her towel. (Always a bad sign!) She tells him that his speech was wonderful (and it really was--Devlin may be a philanderer, but it's obvious he has the deepest commitment to his profession) and Devlin praises her potential as a doctor and a colleague. Their conversation gets a little sappy and nostalgic. Devlin gives Eve a brief peck goodbye, then as their eyes meet, he goes for broke, kissing her long and deep. And who should walk in at that moment but Julie!

But wait! There's more! As Gail and Serena finish the invitations, Serena is about to lick one of the drugged envelopes!


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