Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Thursday 10/16/97

by Georgian

Eve asks Jake to put a rush on the lab work but reminds him to keep the results strictly confidential. Rex chortles with glee to realize that Scotty has just unwittingly placed his fate into the hands of his enemies.

Mike teases Frank about his rocky relationship with the man who might well become his father-in-law one day. Later, Bennett surprises Frank by announcing his decision to leave Port Charles. Bennett offers to treat Frank and Julie to one last lunch before he departs.

Ellen regretfully shows Matt the board's decision which bars him from working in the O.R. because of his physical disability. Determined not to let Boardman stand in his way, Matt assures Ellen he will become a surgeon come hell or high water. Matt confronts Boardman, accusing the chief surgical resident of sandbagging him in front of the hospital board.

Greg alters his appearance once again as he plots new trouble for the interns at General Hospital. Greg targets one of Joe's patients by changing a notation on her chart. Afterwards, he arranges for Joe to the act of tampering with the patient's medication dosage.

Though rattled to learn from an irate Scotty that Jake is undoubtedly working with Rex, Eve reassures her patient that his name doesn't appear anywhere on the vial of blood which she handed over for testing.


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