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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/15/97

by Dani


On their way to bail Scott out of jail, Lucy intimates to Eve that she's a bit miffed that Scott called her first when he was looking for help. After all, she and Scott have been through a lot together.

Rex puts the finishing touch on one of his "toys," a receiver to monitor the bug he planted at Jake and Danielle's.

Danielle comes out of the bedroom, expressing her sympathy that Jake has to sleep on the couch. But Jake is still cold and distant (and Rex is listening in.)

Act I

Officer Rick (woo hoo!) releases Scott. Lucy, who put up bail, wants to hold Scott to his promise to get medical tests run. Scott tries to evade a trip to the hospital, but Lucy threatens to withdraw her bail money.

While working together on one of Dr. Boardman's patients, Chris praises Matt's handling of the situation when the patient mistakenly thinks he's not a doctor. Matt gives the praise a cool reception though, because he still feels that Chris is responsible for the files found in his locker.

Ellen asks Boardman if he brought Matt's proposal for equipment to help him perform surgery more effectively to the hospital board. He says he did but that they balked at the cost. She thanks him for his cooperation, but she lashes out at him when he makes a caustic remark about the hospital not needing an affirmative action lawsuit. "It's not about an exercise in political correctness," she argues, "but about a promising doctor's career." "Doctor, yes," he replies, "but not necessarily a surgeon." Ellen's face exhibits utter disbelief in what she's hearing from Boardman.

Joe slams some files down at the nurse's station and tells Grace how he's upset over Chris and the incriminating files. Grace is level-headed and questions Chris' motives and what's more, why he'd keep incriminating files in his locker.

Lucy and Eve bring Scott into the hospital. Scott hates the idea that someone at the hospital may find out about his little "episodes." But Lucy sends him and Eve on their way and she heads off to see Kevin. She happens to come upon the nurses' station just as Karen mentions that someone deliberately tampered with Kevin's IV. Lucy demands to know what she means by that.

Eve locks herself and Scott into an examining room and they exchange banter while she prepares to draw blood from him. They flirt. She says that the sooner she figures out what's wrong with him, the sooner he will be out of her life. Scott teases that he thought they were becoming friends. Then he confesses that he's worried about what might happen to him and Serena if rumors about drug use are connected to him. She warns him that it might be something more serious than that.

Act II

Rex lets himself into Jake's apartment. He spots a vinyl case and opens it up. He removes a vial of blood. Jake comes in and rebukes him for tampering. When Rex accuses him of not working, Jake throws a super-technical dna question at him. Any reply Rex might have made is forestalled by the arrival of Danielle. Rex tells her to come out with him. She refuses, fully confident of the fact that Jake will protect, even avenge her. Jake appears to be non-committal as he informs Rex that Danielle can stay with him if she wants. Finally, Rex demands that Danielle accompany him.

Boardman says that even though the hospital board turned down Matt's request for the equipment due to the cost, Matt will never be a surgeon. Boardman can't understand why Matt is so determined to do something he's obviously incapable of succeeding at. He gives Ellen his recommendations for surgery as concerns the interns. Matt enters, Boardman leaves.

Lucy can't understand why anyone would want to hurt her "Doc." Karen tells her that it was only her suspicions, nothing more, but then she lets slip that her suspicions were about Ramsey. "Who is Ramsey?" Lucy demands with blood in her eye. "I'm Dr. Ramsey," announces Chris from behind her.


Ellen has to give Matt the bad news. She admits the board is leery of the cost. Matt is still happy because he's been in contact with a man who can sell him a hydraulic lift at a bargain price. Ellen tells him that Boardman's recommendations are in and that she's very sorry. Matt is dismayed. He asks to read them.

Lucy confronts Chris about tampering with Kevin's IV. She threatens to destroy him if she finds out it was him who caused Kevin's close call. Grace arrives with Kevin and Lucy takes control of his wheelchair. "I'm getting him out of here--it's his best chance for survival!" she announces. They leave and Chris turns on Karen. He's irate. He tells her that she better have enjoyed slinging the mud, because the dry-cleaning bill is going to be mighty high.

Kevin and Lucy meet Scott. Scott seems to be fine and Lucy shoos him so that she and her Doc can have a nice dinner alone together. Scott tells them that Eve is having his bloodwork done by a trusted friend.

The trusted friend is Jake. Eve shows up at his place and begs him to do the blood tests and to keep them secret. While she's inside, Rex approaches the door.

The End

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