Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Tuesday 10/14/97

by Georgian

Confronted by his suspicious daughter, Bennett claims he was only trying to give Frank's career a boost by recommending him to the director of Colson College's athletic program. Though Bennett insists he wasn't meddling in her personal affairs, an infuriated Julie berates her father for trying to exert control over her entire life. Bennett reminds Julie that her brother's tragic death has made him a bit overprotective when it comes to his surviving child.

As Chris sputters denials, his fellow interns accuse him of stealing the files Greg Cooper was keeping on all of them. Chris tells Ellen he has no idea how Greg's files got into his locker. Later, Chris accuses Karen of planting the files on him to make him look guilty.

Jake and Danielle are irked to find Rex waiting for them as they return home. Rex gives Jake the first cash payment, then instructs the doctor to draw blood from Danielle. Rex plots to use Scotty's drunk driving arrest in his quest to wrench Serena away from her father.

A frantic Lucy calls Gail but learns that Scotty never turned up at his father's house. Meanwhile, a police officer pulls Scotty over after observing his vehicle weaving from side to side across the road. After flunking a field sobriety test, Scotty refuses to take the breathalyzer and is placed under arrest. Lucy explains to Eve and Kevin how Scott suffered another round of hallucinations and made a death threat against Dr. Devlin.


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