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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 10/13/97

by Dani 

Karen and Joe question Kevin about the mysterious man in black. Karen cuts it short because Kevin is recuperating, but Kevin doesn't think he'll rest easy knowing that someone deliberately tampered with his IV. Karen tells him that it was more likely that the saboteur was out to make her look incompetent.

Chris reflects on Joe & Karen's accusations while the mystery man watches. He snaps at Matt, then tries to apologize by blaming Karen and Joe for his bad temper. Matt has no sympathy, though, and tells Chris that it's no stretch of the imagination to think that Chris is capable of that kind of treachery.

Frank hesitates to tell Julie about the real reason he's declining the job of Athletic Director at Coulson College in Chicago. He remembers his words to Devlin, that he won't lie to Julie. It's obvious that he doesn't want to come right out and hurt her by telling her what her father did. She tries to convince him that he deserves this chance, but he says that he doesn't want the job.

Scott shies away from a prying Devlin who asks Scott some questions and shines a penlight into his eyes. Lucy tries to get Scott away, but Devlin hits the nail on the head when he says, "Your friend appears to be on drugs."

Act I

Scott is bewildered and Lucy emphatically vouches for Scott's character as concerns drug use. Devlin pushes for Lucy to get Scott examined and when Scott mutters about getting to Serena, Devlin says that in his condition, he shouldn't be around children. Devlin tries to help Scott up, but Scott lashes out. After Lucy gets him up the stairs, Scott yells, "Devlin, if you tell anybody, I'll slice you like fish!" (Obviously, Scott is still certain that it was those fishsticks he had for lunch the day before that are acting up.)

Frank tells Julie that he likes the way his life is, and that nothing in Chicago is worth what he'd have to leave behind if he took the job. Julie mentions his mom and her story about Louie Perez. Frank is embarrassed. Julie insists that he deserves his chance but seems pleased when he declines and kisses her.

Matt explains the logic behind Karen's accusation to Chris. With the competition being so fierce, and Chris so coldly determined, it's easy to believe that he could tamper with Kevin's IV to undermine Karen's competence. Chris sneers that the method is far too obvious. If he wanted to stab them in the back, they'd never see it coming. He leaves Matt, who is joined by Ellen Burgess. Matt asks Ellen to give Karen and Joe a fair hearing.

When they tell him that Karen is being set up, Kevin asks Karen & Joe what Burgess had to say. Karen told how Burgess caught them and the guilty party at each others' throats. Kevin advises that Karen talk to Burgess and take the high road as far as accusing anyone until they can quietly gather the facts. They agree and ask Kevin to tell Burgess about his vision of the man in black.

The mystery man, wearing surgical gloves, places incriminating files in Chris' locker.

Act II

Karen, Joe and Matt are sitting in the on-call room discussing the IV incident. Ellen asks Karen how her state of mind was that night. Karen admits to being tired, frustrated and upset. She also apologizes for accusing Chris. She then mentions Kevin's vision. Due to Kevin's brain trauma, Ellen is doubtful, but Matt is optimistic. Chris enters and sneers that they're all conspiring against him.

Julie admits to doubting that they could maintain a long-distance relationship, but she decides that she could handle it. Frank knows, but lets her off the hook. He's not turning the job down because of her, nor would he turn down any job that he really wanted. Julie is jubilant and hugs Frank, who looks over her shoulder to see Devlin arrive.

On the stairs, Scott seems to be better. He wants to go find Devlin, worried that the man thinks he is on drugs. He suffers a sudden bout of nausea and Lucy insists that they go see Kevin. Scott argues that he doesn't want to be seen. He's got a funny feeling about the whole situation, that's something's very wrong. He tries to get Lucy to take him home, but she is adamantly against leaving the hospital before Kevin can look at him. He collapses and Lucy frantically goes for help. But Scott was faking and he staggers back out the door.


Julie is glad to see her dad and she tells him about Frank's job offer. Devlin plays innocent and congratulates Frank, who in turn takes marvelous advantage of Dad's duplicity. He tells him that he is declining the job offer, but that he really appreciates Devlin recommending him. Julie is shocked and stares at her father. "YOU recommended him?" she gapes. Frank is wearing a smug smile and Devlin's face is frozen but you can tell he's not happy that Frank isn't going to play along.

Ellen denies that they are conspiring against him, but Chris is indignant and goes to his locker. As he opens it, the incriminating files, one labeled for each intern, pop out of his locker. Karen picks one up and gives Chris a cold, "I-have-you-now" stare.

Scott gets to the parking garage and he fumbles with a key to a black convertible. He gets in and drives off. Rex comes out of the shadows and calls his lawyer about what he has just witnessed.

The End

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