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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Friday 10/10/97

by Dani


Frank confronts Devlin about arranging the Coulson College job offer for him. Devlin says that it "just fell into my lap." He was happy to suggest Frank for the job.

After they accuse Chris of sabotaging Karen's medical career, he reacts viciously. Chris says that ever since Jagger dumped her, Karen's been trying to blame everyone else for her problems. Naturally Joe jumps in Chris' face but Chris pushes him off, "Get offa me. The Rocky Balboa routine is getting old." He tells them that if they spread any rumors around about him tampering with Kevin's IV, he will go directly to Alan Quartermaine and have them up on charges.

Someone awakens Kevin, but it's not Lucy.

Scott fixes Serena's doll and reflects on promising Serena that he'll always be there to take care of her. Lucy wonders if he ought to wait until he feels better after he makes a mess with the glue.

Act I

Scott is adamant about not going to the hospital. He swears Lucy to secrecy. Lucy is worried that something may be seriously wrong with him and she tells him that he should think of Serena. He rails against the suggestion that he doesn't. He points out the trust funds and insurance policies he has taken out for her, and how he double checks the doors and windows at night. Okay, Lucy says, let's try to think of everything that happened before you got sick. They come up with nothing but the fish sticks that Scott had for lunch. (I think that Scott is the fish stick type, too!) Lucy speculates that it might not be physical, it might be psychological. She says that Scott really needs Kevin (in a purely professional capacity, of course!)

It's Victor who has come to visit Kevin. He has the best line of the day when he looks around in wonder and says: "I like your room. It's nice." They sit and Victor says that he's grateful to Kevin for saving his life in the fire. When Kevin tries to dismiss it, Victor says, "All my life I've run away...from people...from places...from everything. But you, no, Monk doesn't run--never. Not you." He gets up to leave and adds, "I'm proud of you, Monk."

Karen and Joe are still pressing Chris. He finally lashes out: "You both have such a penchant for self-destruction...how fortuitous that you found each other. He [Joe] can give you pointers on how to disregard the Hippocratic oath and still survive around here, and if all else fails, she [Karen] can give you pointers on how to strip." OF COURSE, this provokes Joe, who jumps on Chris. Chris is beginning to fight back with Ellen Burgess cuts them short.

Julie sits morosely in the driveway waiting for Frank and his news. Mary arrives and tells Julie that, no, she's not horrible for wanting Frank to stay in Port Charles. She relates a tale about the kid who lived across the street from them, how the kid was never picked for teams and was a disaster with girls. She said that Frank taught the kid every sport that he ever played and soon, the kid was the one picking the teams. Now the kid is a big shot executive in some company. That's just the type of guy that Frank is, she says. But now it's Frank's turn.

Devlin tells Frank that the job would help equalize the playing field between him and Julie. After all, most men would be uncomfortable making a fraction of what their woman made and that Julie is going to be pulling down a six figure salary when she's a successful surgeon. Frank says that there are more important things than money. He tells Devlin that he now knows why Julie chose a new name to start her career. "There is no way that I'd want to be associated with you."

Act II

Devlin gets in Frank's face. Frank tells him that he's going to decline the job offer and that Julie is going to want to know why. Frank warns Devlin that he never lies to Julie. (Go Frank!)

Burgess is tired of always finding the interns at each other's throats. Can you at least manage to act like doctors around the hospital?, she asks. Karen and Joe leave. Chris tries to thank Burgess for her intercession, but she slaps him down. After all, he did take Karen's letter and brought the information to her. It does look like he's trying to undermine her success. Meanwhile, Joe and Karen decide what their next step should be.

Scott agrees that he needs to talk to Kevin, but until then, they do it his way. He does wonder if something is seriously wrong with him, though, and he asks Lucy if she and Kevin would be Serena's guardians if something were to happen to him. He says that he knows Dominique would want that. Lucy is speechless and in tears. In the meantime, Scott has LICKED ANOTHER ENVELOPE. He starts to freak out again. "Excuse me while I kiss the sky," gloats Rex as he watches the house through his little binoculars.


Frank shows up at the drive way and says to a sad-faced Julie: "I don't know how to tell you this."

Joe and Karen arrive at Kevin's room. Joe remarks, "Wow! And they tell us there are budget cuts!" They ask Kevin if he remembers anything or anyone in his room before the surgery. Kevin tells them about seeing a man in black.

Chris is indignant that no one appreciates him squealing on Karen to prevent more mistakes. Burgess dismisses him and as he goes to the nurses station, we see a shadowy, baseball-capped figure watching him.

Lucy is trying to sneak Scott into the hospital through a back entrance. Scott is tripping out at the bottom of a stairwell when they are discovered by the one person they won't be able to keep quiet--Devlin.

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