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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/8/97

by Dani


Eve discovers that Devlin has intervened on one of her cases and she's not pleased about it.

Frank kisses Julie goodbye in the driveway. She wishes him luck on his interview and he teases that she wants him out of town.

Chris tells Devlin about his mental process of visual actualization. Devlin says he uses that technique occasionally. Chris mistakenly thinks he's earned a brownie point at this point. Then Devlin mentions Frank's job offer and Chris puts two and two together. He says that Julie will miss Frank, but that he'll "look out" for her. Devlin responds, "What do you think I'd do to someone who'd use my daughter?"

Act I

Frank and Joe shoot hoops and talk about the job offer. Joe thinks it's a great opportunity. Mr. Dorsey arrives to interview Frank. Frank tells him that he's happy in Port Charles and that he can't imagine an offer that he would accept. Dorsey tells Frank that he hasn't heard the offer yet.

Matt is at the Recovery Room recalling his confrontation with Boardman. Mike arrives and they talk about Boardman, his lack of social life and social skills, but Mike is reluctant to give advice.

Boardman is giving Karen scut work. When he leaves, Julie comes out of the back and sympathizes with her. Julie asks Karen about Chris and what he did to her. Karen speculates that Chris wants the Quartermaine residency and her out of the way. The conversation turns to Frank and his potential departure to Chicago.

Chris is telling Devlin that Julie is naive and impressionable and that she can be taken advantage of. Chris also says that he'd be happy to try and take her mind off Frank. Devlin advises Chris that he's willing to help him professionally, but not with Julie. Julie makes her own decisions. Hah!

After leaving Chris, Devlin is waylaid by a feisty Eve. She warns him to stop interfering in her life and in Julie's life. She also insinuates that something is going on between him and Chris. Devlin dismisses her as overemotional and promises to keep an eye on her cases.

Act II

After the interview, Frank tells Joe about the job offer which included a BMW and twice his current salary. He also says that he told Dorsey that he's going to think about it. "Think about it?" Joe marvels, "Are you crazy?"

Eve storms into the on-call room. Julie and Karen are discussing long distance relationships and the difficulties. Devlin pops in and happily informs Julie about her mother winning second prize in the flower show. (Now, pardon me, but Bennett Devlin doesn't seem the type to be thrilled by second place in anything! This could be just one way in which he coddles or protects the women in his life. For them, second place would be fine, but not for him.) Eve takes the cue and leaves in a huff.

Mike tells Matt that he would just lose his temper with Boardman and knock him on his butt. Matt thinks about changing his strategy: instead of banging his head against the wall, he'll just go around him.

Eve tells the nurse at the desk that she's going out. It's obvious that she's a woman with a mission.


Julie and Dad joke around in good spirits. He leaves. Karen goes into the back just as Chris enters. Karen pops back in so that Chris will know he can't lie to Julie about what he did. Julie asks him about stealing Karen's mail. Chris offers to tell her what REALLY happened...

At a bar

Dorsey and Devlin meet for drinks.

In the driveway
Joe and Frank play ball.

Frank: I like my life here.
Joe: That doesn't mean it can get any better.

At a bar

Devlin: Did he accept?
Dorsey: He's thinking about it.
Devlin: Not good enough.
Dorsey: How can he possibly refuse?

In the driveway

Frank: Because Julie is here...I have commitments here...quit pushing.
Joe: What commitments? Driving a rig? Grading papers? Hey, you can be replaced.
Frank: Thanks.

At a bar

Devlin: Are you sure he bought it?

In the driveway

Joe: Be sure to remember us little fish.
Eve: Got any too-good-to-be-true job offers lately?
Joe and Frank: ????

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