Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Tuesday 10/7/97

by Georgiane

Karen unloads her bitterness about Jagger's betrayal after Julie offers to lend her friend a sympathetic ear.

Suffering from drug-induced hallucinations, Scotty mistakes Lucy for his beloved Dominique. Frantically attempting to remind Scotty that his wife has been dead for several years, Lucy yells at Rhonda to phone for the paramedics. As Rhonda explains how their mutual friend refused to accept medical help for his puzzling condition, Eve arrives and ministers to Scotty.

Matt explains to the chief surgical resident how his disability will prove to be no handicap in the O.R. with the help of some inexpensive innovations now on the market. Later, Ellen leaps to Matt's defense when her skeptical colleague expresses the opinion that the paraplegic intern caught a lucky break in medical school.

When Frank balks at accepting a lucrative job offer out of state, Joe guesses that his brother's reluctance to relocate stems from his budding romance with Julie.

Scotty begins to become coherent once again and stubbornly insists that Eve, Lucy and Rhonda all promise to keep mum about his bizarre health problems. Watching Scotty and his pals through binoculars, Rex chortles to see that his latest plan is working like a dream.

Bennett is revealed to be the secret source of Colson College's sudden interest in recruiting Frank.

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