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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 10/6/97

by Dani


Karen ponders her course of action as the hospital brings accusations against her. She asks Joe if she should fight or should she just accept it and hope the situation will go away...after all, Kevin is recovering. Joe is reluctant to give advice, but he's quietly outraged on her behalf.

Kevin teases Lucy from the other side of the bathroom door. Her toe is still stuck in the faucet. Audrey comes in and after her initial surprise at the change in the room's decor, she hears Lucy call out for her help. She and Kevin share a chuckle at Lucy's predicament.

Rex reflects on doping Scott when Jake barges in. He's ready to make a deal with the devil but wants his cut.

Scott is tripping. He slides off the couch as he reaches for a hallucination of Eve. He calls out for her as she vanishes. Struggling to his feet, he makes it to the chair and falls again. He looks at his hand, which is distorted. He laughs, then seems to realize that he's got to gain some control. He crawls to the phone.

Act I

Karen is dismayed by the detours she's experiencing on her way to becoming a doctor: the politics, the backbiting. Joe plays the devil's advocate and tells her to roll over, but this doesn't sit well with her. She's going to fight the accusations of incompetence.

Audrey, who has a magic key that will open any lock, rescues Lucy and her toe. Lucy pleads with Audrey to be discreet, especially around "that Katherine Bell." As she is leaving, Kevin thanks Audrey and tells her what an inspiration she is. (Because they both had similar operations.) He also asks her if she had any waking dreams during her trauma. She says no, but did Kevin? He says, "Yes, just one."

$40,000--that's what Jake wants, to get started. He needs to rent a lab and equipment. He tells Rex that the sooner he gets started, the sooner he can forget that Rex and Danielle ever existed. Rex hopes that Jake and Danielle will kiss and make up so that Jake can add to the gene pool. (Minor rant here: I would tell Jake to go to the PCPD, tell Garcia everything and then offer to wear a wire and gather evidence. Garcia's not busy now that Sonny has left town.)

Scott lets Eve into the lighthouse and tells her that he's been drugged. He refuses to let her call for help. He asks that she go pick up Serena from school and take her to the park so that she doesn't see her dad in this condition. He tells Eve that the secret word is "stardust." Eve reluctantly leaves him.

Act II

Lucy arrives at Kevin's bedside in silky lingerie. Kevin's enthusiastic (I hope that the door to the room is locked). They are interrupted by Eve when she calls to beg Lucy to go to the lighthouse to be with Scott. Dragging herself away from Kevin, Lucy charges off to the rescue.

Karen decides that she needs to talk to Kevin herself and explain. After her departure, Audrey asks Joe about Karen. Joe swears that Karen doesn't lie and that she wasn't responsible for Kevin's botched IV. Audrey trusts Joe's judgment and holds Ellen Burgess up as an example of someone who fought back against the system that wrongly accused her. She tells Joe that Karen should stick to her guns.


Karen reacts to the changes in Kevin's room ("All for naught," he remarks wryly) and then apologizes for what happened to him. When he doesn't understand, she explains the situation to him. He reminds her that he remembers her raising his head, and that they even joked about it. She is determined to fight and he says that she reminds him of her father, but that on her, the tenacity looks good.

Scott is staggering around the lighthouse while Sigmund quacks eerily. He finds Rhonda at the door and she takes a minute to realize he's quite under the influence. She mistakenly thinks that he's been drinking. Scott vows that he's not drunk. He falls and Rhonda wants to call for an ambulance, but Scott forbids it. He gets her to promise that she won't say a word about this to anyone, then he passes out.

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