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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Friday 10/3/97

by Dani


At GH, Frank and Julie discuss the athletic director job offer he received from Colson College in Chicago. He seems pleased, but she's slower to accept it at face value.

Lucy drags a woman into Kevin's hospital room. The two of them are furtive and Lucy tells her that they don't have much time.

Rex Stanton meets with his lawyer, Byron Rollins. He questions just how difficult it'll be to get custody of Serena from Scott. Rollins says that they will need very compelling evidence of neglect or abuse.

Scott is about to lick the drug laced envelope with Eve pops in to ask him a favor. She says that he knows something about her that no one else does and that she wants him to keep it quiet.

Act I

Scott had guessed that Eve was out with an old flame and that the old flame was Devlin. He agrees to keep it quiet, but he sputters about just who Dr. Devlin thinks he is anyway. Eve looks at Scott with frank admiration and says that she's never seen anyone talk to Devlin the way that Scott did.

Rex tells Rollins that Scott has used a child before as a means to financial gain. He hauls out the recording of his interview with Jason Quartermaine's former nanny. She states that when Susan Moore died, Scott forged Power of Attorney papers to gain control of Jason's trust fund. Rex then goes on to tell his story about Dominique seeking out Danielle for her eggs.

Kevin comes out of the bathroom and surprises Lucy and her accomplice. Lucy introduces Tina Chao as a banking associate, but Kevin recognizes her as the one who helped Lucy renovate the lighthouse. Lucy evades the point and rushes out of the room, and right into Devlin. She tap-dances around the question of when Kevin can resume having sex. Devlin just warns her to be gentle and go ahead.

Act II

Julie and Frank discuss the article in the Chicago American. She assumes that he'll be taking the athletic director job. He wonders at the fact that she'd let him leave, but she says she doesn't want to be one of the obstacles to him doing what he wants. He assures her that his big dream was not athletics, but to be a doctor, that he likes his life here in Port Charles and that things are getting better all the time.

While Grace is out keeping Kevin busy with tests and such, Lucy tries to convince Tina that it's not a hopeless task to redecorate Kevin's hospital room.

Scott tells Eve that he wants only two things from her. First, that this be their last meaningful conversation and, second, that she mail some letters for him...and then he LICKS THE ENVELOPE!!!!


Kevin returns to his room and it has been transformed into a hotel suite, with silver table service, drapes, pictures, candles and silk jammies. He calls out tentatively, "Lucy?" Lucy, who's waiting in the tub in the bathroom, tells him to follow the rose petals. But Kevin can't open the door; it's locked. And Lucy can't get out of the tub to open it because her toe is stuck in the faucet.

Julie tells Eve and her father that Frank has decided not to take the job in Chicago. Eve is pleased. After Frank and Julie depart, Eve warns Devlin to quit meddling in their lives.

When Rollins still seems doubtful about how successful a custody suit against Scott would be, Rex lets slip that Scott is no stranger to recreational drugs. With this information, Rollins thinks the case would be extremely win-able.

Scott loses it. He's agitated. The phone rings and he tries to get up but has no balance or coordination. His vision blurs and shifts out of control. He staggers to the couch. He looks up and sees a woman. "What are you doing here?" he says.

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