Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Thursday 10/2/97

by Georgian

Julie and Eve discuss the newspaper article which named Frank a hero for his actions during the fire. Julie is disappointed when her father boasts that Alan has asked him to increase the frequency of his seminars so he'll be staying in town longer.

As Eve listens, Julie defends her relationship with Frank the hero and Bennett claims to like the guy. But after Julie leaves, Eve accuses the doctor of lying to his daughter about his true feelings for Frank. She also insists that he was behind the article on Frank. Eve then offers to keep silent about their past relationship but only if he agrees to leave town and leave Julie and Frank's relationship alone.

Karen reports to Scott that Dr. Devlin took her off surgical rotation because of what happened to Kevin's I.V. Scott lectures her about how to deal with her bosses, warning her that doctors' egos always get in the way. He then offers her help if she wants to have anyone's ego knocked down a bit.

While Scott and Karen talk, Rex waits for Scott to suffer the effects from the drug-laced envelopes and imagines Scott handing over the entire fortune along with Serena.

Joe is quick to defend Karen when Grace innocently suggests that everyone makes a mistake once in a while.

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