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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/1/97

by Dani


After seeing Jake and Danielle at the hospital, Scott and Lucy confront them. They are pretty angry so Jake explains that he needed her to come back. Lucy's frustrations boil over and she really lets them have it.

In the on-call room, formerly known in my reports as the intern's lounge, Karen tells Joe about finding Chris reading her letter. She has to level with him about Jagger's affair and her potential divorce.

Chris "reluctantly" shares his insight into Karen's poor performance with Burgess. He divulges the news about Jagger.

Act I

Lucy reams Danielle. She points out how much she did for her, how she reached out to her. Scott chimes in and says that he knew that Danielle was a liar from the start. Lucy makes sure that Danielle knows that she's nothing like Saint Dominique and that if she and Jake make any trouble for Serena, they'll regret it. Danielle can't get a word of defense in edgewise. Unable to defend Danielle any other way, Jake takes her away. Scott tells Lucy to "zip it up" so that she doesn't give away their game plan with regards to Rex. He's just as angry as Lucy, but he knows they have to play it close to the vest. Lucy sees Kevin's nurse come out of his room and asks Scott to distract her so that she can sneak in and see Kevin. As she goes in and tenderly hugs Kevin, Scott watches for a second and then gently closes the door. He looks sad.

Burgess takes Chris revelations about Karen with a grain of salt. She suggests, in an obliquely sarcastic way, that Karen is lucky to have afriend like Chris who is so concerned about her wellbeing. After he departs, Matt shows up to express his sympathy for Karen. He tries to deliver a group dynamics lesson to Burgess in the form of a story from his days in rehab. He stresses that groups are responsible for themselves.

Back in the on-call room, Karen worries what Chris will do with the information from Jagger's letter. Joe tells her that he'll shut Chris up. Karen says she already talked to Chris, then goes on to talk about never seeing Jagger in SF and about his partner, Fran. Joe's heart goes out to her. He wants to help. Burgess arrives and asks for a moment alone with Karen. She tells Karen that she is removing her from surgical rotation. Karen is devastated, but not completely taken off guard.

Act II

Kevin has double vision. Lucy reassures him that Devlin had foreseen that and told her that it would disappear in time. Scott pokes his head in to warn Lucy that the nurse is returning. Kevin and Scott team up to convince Lucy to go home. In the hall outside Kevin's room, Scott persuades Lucy to go home by insinuating that her make-up is all but slid from her face. That does it, too.

Karen deeply resents her punishment. Burgess is sympathetic and concerned but stands firm on her removal from duty. Joe comes in after she leaves and listens to Karen complain about Chris' treachery. And then guess who shows up? Karen and Joe confront Chris, who plays it cool, as always. That is, until Joe pops him one and knocks him to the floor.


Chris loses his cool. He gets up and lunges at Joe. They scuffle, mostly pushing and shoving, while Karen yells at them to stop. Finally, Matt rolls in between them and breaks it up. Chris leaves and Joe vows to deal with him.

At the lighthouse, Scott has two coffee mugs and wanders around calling for Lucy. Where is she? Lucy, in disguise (with diamonds...just kidding!) is sneaking back into Kevin's room. She tells him that she plans to spend each and every night with him until he gets out of the hospital and then she plans to spend each and every night with him after that. He says, "Kiss me, I can't reach you." She snuggles up with him.

Matt tells Burgess more rehab stories. He's really working hard on her people skills. Since all of his rehab buddies had nicknames, she asks what his was. "Bono," he replies. "As in U2?" she guesses correctly. She tries to justify her action against Karen.

Karen brings Joe an ice pack for his knuckles. He can't help her with Jagger, he says, but he promises that he'll take care of what affects her at GH.

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