Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/30/97

by Georgian

Karen tries to convince Joe that she set the I.V. correctly for Kevin. He assures her that he believes in her ability and suggests they figure out what happened.

As Lucy waits for word on Kevin, she imagines life with him after their wedding. Scott brings her back to reality with a question. When she spots Karen, Lucy starts to blast her again for endangering the life of the man she loves. Both Scott and Joe jump to Karen's defense while Karen tries to convince Lucy that she would admit to any mistake she made, not deny it. Ellen reports to Lucy that the operation was a success and Kevin's out of danger.

After the operation, Chris piles it on deep as he compliments Devlin on the way he handled the intricate surgery. Devlin falls for the excessive adulation and returns the favor by admitting that the intern did a good job assisting in the O.R.

Rex surprises Jake and Danielle when they return home and find him dining on Chinese take out. Danielle is taken aback when Jake agrees to help him with his plan to steal Scotty's trust fund but only if he gets his share of the money to help with his medical plans. After Rex agrees and takes his leave, Jake reveals that he's trying to fool Rex but needs Scott to help them and to do that, they'll both have to earn his trust.

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