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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 9/29/97

by Dani


Chris is reading Jagger's letter when Karen catches him. She's mortified.

Devlin tells Lucy that he's been very successful in the past with the operation that he's going to perform on Kevin, but that he is concerned about some vision problems or that Kevin may experience some difficulty with his balance and coordination.

Meanwhile, in Kevin's room, a dark-suited man appears at his bedside.

Rex gains access to the lighthouse and then seems to know the security code as he punches numbers into the alarm system. He's gleeful. He chortles about what a nice place the lighthouse is and that Scott had better enjoy it while he can.

Act I

Rex looks around the lighthouse for Scott's briefcase and finds it under the couch. He goes through the contents, including a Tetris game, and happens upon a permission slip for Serena to attend a showing of "Pinocchio." Rex takes out a little vial that has a brush applicator. He brushes some of the contents on the seal of the envelope for the permission slip. He's cackling about Scott taking one lick and then going psycho. (So it's what? LSD?) His nefarious activities are interrupted when he hears Serena and Gail at the door. Can he get out of sight?

Joe and Grace chat about Frank. He thanks her for the support during the crisis. She credits Karen, too.

Segue to Karen reaming Chris for his audacity. He presents feeble justifications for spying. They are cut short by Burgess and Devlin. Devlin sends Karen to check on the OR preparation. Chris asks to be allowed into surgery to watch. Devlin shoots him down. Burgess sends him on an errand and she suggests Devlin kill time by checking on the interns. (Interesting how she can boss around a big shot, visiting surgeon.)

So Devlin pops into the ER where Eve is preparing to stitch up a little boy's leg. She's a bit nervous about it, but Devlin is charming and supportive and very considerate of the boy. (Seems he carries a Walkman around in his pocket to use during surgery, so he lets the kid

borrow it.)

Outside in the hall, Lucy continues to fret about Kevin, and Scott is being a pal. We switch to Kevin's room, where the dark-suited man is opening up Kevin's IV and lowering the head of his bed and reciting something in Latin (last rites perhaps?) We know it's not Rex, so who does that leave?

Act II

Gail and Serena pop into the lighthouse to pick up some overnight items for Serena. Sharp-eyed Serena notices that a picture is out of place and announces, "Somebody's been here." Rex looks a little bit worried as he hides behind a folding screen.

After Eve finishes up with the boy, Devlin compliments her and tries to apologize for the restaurant incident. He tells her that she wasn't the only injured party in their break-up. She points out that he told her he would leave his wife. Abashed, he admits that he just couldn't bring himself to hurt her. She doesn't believe he ever intended to leave. Scott appears at the door and watches them for a minute before entering. He makes a lame excuse for the interruption and then leaves. Devlin suggests that Eve is dating Scott. She says they're only friends. He says that neither one of them really have anything to gain by having the truth about their past relationship come out.

He leaves her there and as he passes Lucy in the hall, she gets his permission to visit Kevin before his surgery. Karen appears to tell Scott that she's going to get to observe Devlin in surgery. Scott says that's good, but he turns away, his mind on other matters. Joe is there to congratulate her, though. Eve comes out of the ER and Scott asks her if Devlin was her date at the restaurant.

Lucy is being her normal, quietly frantic self, consoling and begging Kevin to come through the surgery okay when suddenly his monitor emits an alarm. She calls for help and Joe is on the spot.


After Serena and Gail leave the lighthouse, Rex comes out to finish lacing the envelope with his "special elixir." (Personal note from Dani: I'm liking this guy more and more..is this what Stefano on DOOL is like? Suzanne replies: No! The writing on DOOL is not nearly as good…) He sure is snarky about himself and his plans.

Scott is suspicious of what Devlin's intentions may be with Eve. Everything hits the fan when Joe and Lucy come breathlessly to the nurses' station and report that Kevin's IV was open when it should've been TKO. Devlin demands to know who prepped Kevin for surgery. Enter Karen. Was it her? Joe is a bit sheepish about how the situation looks for Karen. Devlin assumes it was her that screwed up and forbids her to observe the surgery. Chris, having laid considerable groundwork for the platform he'll use to kiss Devlin's butt, gets permission to assist.


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