Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Friday 9/26/97

by Dani

Danielle is in a New York park with an ice cream. She sits on a bench and reminisces about her arranged first meeting with Jake there. She had been roller blading, again with an ice cream cone, and crashed into him. She sweet-talks and flirts with him. She gets his phone number. He's obviously immediately enamored of her. As she watches him go, she's joined by Rex who praises her performance. Even then she asked him for assurance that no one would be hurt. The flashback ends with her alone on the bench.

The GH nurses are fielding calls from what they think is the Port Charles Herald. As they rattle off the explosion victims and their condition, we learn that it's not a reporter, but Rex on the other end of the phone. He decides that he will have to occupy Lucy's time till Kevin gets better.

Ellen tells Lucy about Kevin's subdural hematoma. Kevin comes to and Lucy begs him to tell her he's okay and won't need surgery.

Karen tries to apologize to Devlin for her clumsiness with the coffee, but he won't hear of it. He reminds her that she's the one who couldn't answer his question the other day. She beams brightly at him and says she can answer it now. He warns her that a pretty smile won't help her during surgery. Scott grabs his arm and snaps, "Just who in the hell do you think you're speaking to?"

Act I

Scott gives Devlin what-for, calling him a big-shot, arrogant jerk who gets some kind of thrill by pushing around overworked interns. Karen doesn't want Scott to cross Devlin and makes a strategic retreat, which is acknowledged by Devlin. He turns to Scott and says, "Do you always fight your daughter's battles for her?" (That's the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it?)

Kevin weakly concurs with Ellen's diagnosis. When they learn that Tony isn't available to do the surgery, Kevin jokes about Joe and a power drill. Karen alerts them to the fact that Devlin is available and that he's out in the corridor fighting with Scott.

Jake surprises Danielle in the park. Jake tells her that Rex threatened to hurt her if he didn't cooperate and that Rex must be stopped.

Devlin tries to cow Scott, but it doesn't work. Scott talks about potential legal troubles and dons his lawyer hat to show Devlin that he's up to the task. Chris and Eve watch the argument. Chris is amused at the "floor show" but Eve says that Scott is an incredibly gallant man for coming to the defense of his daughter.

Lucy arrives to hear the final words between Devlin and Scott and she's mortified that Scott may have alienated the man who may be Kevin's only hope.

Act II

Jake is still cold and mean toward Danielle, even though he's asking her to come back to PC and help him stop Rex. She tries to be accommodating. He wants to know everything about her involvement with Rex.

Lucy begs Devlin to perform Kevin's surgery. Scott isn't happy about it. He tries to offer her other options. Devlin agrees to do the operation and Ellen arrives to update him on Kevin's condition. She suggests that Karen assist.

Lucy warns Scott to leave Devlin alone. She, of course, is desperate to help Kevin. Meanwhile, Chris trades quips with Karen about her coffee stained lab coat. When he senses an imminent women's lib diatribe, he slinks off to ask Ellen if he can assist Devlin. She says no, that she's already give that job to Karen. Ellen goes to Karen and asks her if she's up to the task. Karen says that she is and smirks at Chris.


Karen gets some encouraging words from Ellen and then tucks her lab coat and other belongings under the counter. As soon as she's out of sight, Chris sneaks out her letter from Jagger and begins to read.

Danielle tells Jake about being all alone with no family, friends or money. She says that Rex convinced her that she was rescuing Serena from an abusive, drunken father and that was important to her. She finally had a name and a mission. Now that she knows the truth, she tells him, she's so ashamed of what she's done. She vows that she's changed. Okay, Jake tells her, then help me, please. She hesitates and Jake misinterprets it. He says, "I'm outta here." She pleads with him to wait. She swears that she still loves him and that she will help.

Rex sneaks into the lighthouse, cackling about the poor security.

Karen gets Kevin ready for his surgery. Outside the room, Lucy begs for reassurance from Devlin. He is cool and confident, clearly not emotionally involved. Scott hovers menacingly in the background. As Devlin is called away to look at the "risks" of the surgery, Lucy panics. Scott tells her it's just Devlin acting like "God." But Lucy says that she has a very bad feeling about the whole thing.

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