Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Thursday 9/25/97

by Dani

Help arrives as Lucy hovers frantically over Kevin's unconscious body on the floor of the hospital hallway. Chris, Eve and Karen take him away and Ellen questions an ever hysterical Lucy.

At the nurse's station, Matt tells Jake about the fire at Forest Hills and that Frank Scanlon and Kevin Collins were injured.

Mary Scanlon worries her rosary beads and Mike gently tries to reassure her. He also tells her that her son is a hero.

Frank is S.B.T. (whatever that is) with his heart rate racing. Julie calls Joe for help and he jumps on the phone to the lab. Devlin comes in and checks Frank's condition. On the phone, Joe snaps at the slow lab techs about his brother's blood gas workup.

Act I

Lucy confides in Scott that she's never loved anyone like Kevin and he makes her a better person. She doesn't know how she'd manage without him. As Kevin is rolled past on a gurney, Lucy grows even more agitated. Karen entreats Scott to restrain her so that they can get Kevin's tests done. Scott and Eve convince Lucy to take a little break. Eve gives Lucy her personal beeper and tells her she'll call as soon as the tests are done. As he waits for Lucy to get her purse, Scott overhears Chris accuse Eve of going out with a Devlin and coming back with a Baldwin. Or was it a trio, quips the arrogant Chris.

Devlin compliments Joe on "managing" the technical personnel. Everything seems to be under control with Frank, and as Devlin leaves, Julie follows to thank him for his help. He tells her that she can't be so emotionally involved. But it's Frank, she protests. As he departs, Eve slides up behind Julie and asks rhetorically if pride isn't an emotion. At Julie's dismay, she changes the subject and praises Frank's heroism.

Chris sidles up to Devlin and offers to suck up....I mean follow up with Scanlon's case.

Joe and Frank share a warm brotherly moment. Joe confesses to being scared when Frank was brought in. Don't count me out of the inheritance, jokes Frank.

Matt receives a phone call from Julie reporting on Frank's improved condition. He relays the news to Jake, who let's slip that he doesn't think he could handle "another" disaster. When Matt presses the issue, Jake admits that Danielle is gone.

Act II

Matt, in his usual agony aunt fashion, gets Jake to talk about Danielle.

Julie replaces Joe at Frank's bedside. She apologizes for not listening to him when he warned her about her father, and for ever believing that Frank could hurt her. Then they go on to share some mushy talk.

Joe reports to his mom that all is well with Frank. She praises his skill as a doctor. He leaves her to exchange small talk with Karen. She says she's very tired after all that has happened. He suggests she take a nap and he'll wake her when they need her. "Like I woke you up?" she asks, serious and suggestive at the same time. Joe promises that it will never happen again and goes to check on Frank.

Karen re-reads Jagger's brush-off. She's interrupted by Ellen, who gives her Kevin's chart and tells her to get familiar with it.

On the hospital roof, Scott and Lucy talk about her strength or lack thereof. Scott uses his own experience with Dominique to show Lucy that she has to be strong for Kevin because he needs her most of all right now. They're interrupted by Eve's beeper going off.


After they talk, Matt tells Jake to go after Danielle. Jake pauses. Then he books a flight to New York.

Mike, Mary, Julie and Joe are wheeling Frank's bed to the hyperbaric chamber when they meet Matt. They're all in good spirits.

Eve tells Lucy she can see Kevin, and Lucy is off like a shot to his room. Scott thanks Eve for her help. It's the least I can do, she tells him, after what you did for me tonight. They overhear Devlin berate Karen when she spills coffee on herself. The tone of his voice gets Scott's dander up.

Lucy whispers strong words of love and encouragement to Kevin. Ellen comes in and tells her that Kevin needs surgery ASAP.

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