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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/24/97

by Dani


As Scott prepares to drive Eve home from his parent's house where he dropped Serena off, he asks Eve about what happened at the restaurant. She flashes back to Bennett Devlin's threats. She attempts to downplay the episode for Scott, but he says that he knows she was crying. Since she helped him out, he wants to return the favor.

Frank is wheeled into emergency at GH, flanked by Karen, Joe, Julie and Chris. Mary and Mike arrived, still in their Corinthos wedding finest. In the ER, Joe angrily lashes out at his coworkers. Ellen tells Chris to take over and pulls Joe off the case. Karen hustles him out of the ER.

In the hall, Lucy fusses over Kevin, who doesn't appreciate the attention.

Act I

Scott hazards a guess or two about Eve's situation. He guesses that she was out with an "ex" and that she may have thought he had changed but that he hadn't. Scott is gentle and considerate, which Eve finds hard to take. She is on the verge of tears.

Kevin gets quite terse about Lucy's fussing over him. He's concerned about Victor and Frank. He brusquely leaves Lucy to tell Julie about Frank's heroism. Guys like Frank don't come along every day, he says.

Mike tries to reassure Mary. After all, he asks, wouldn't Joe tell you if Frank wasn't okay? Mary assures him that he would. Parents are always kept in the dark. This is something both Mike and Mary can relate to. Mary is grateful to Mike, especially considering the day he's had. (Sonny never showed up at the church to marry Brenda! *sob*)

Ellen reports to Kevin that Frank will be fine. Kevin is harsh, uncharacteristically so. Ellen is concerned about him having a concussion and tells Lucy to make sure Kevin stays at the hospital. Lucy persuades Kevin to sit and tell her about the fire. He describes the explosion and thinking that he was fulfilling a prophecy that he would die in fire, like his mom and brother. He said that suddenly Lucy was there and she gave him hope. He feels that he survived for a reason and that he knew that if he ever saw her again, there was something he had to ask Lucy. Then he drops down on one knee and proposes. (Awwwww!)

Act II

Are you going to cry again, Scott asks Eve gently. She reminds him that she once told him that he was bad luck for her. I remember, he says. Eve admits that she was wrong.

In an unused room, Joe lashes out at Karen. "I can handle it!" he states. "What's your secret?" she asks. Immediately, he calms and tells her about how close he and Frank have been ever since they were young. How Frank has always made everything all right for him. How he busted his butt to put Joe through school. "I don't know what I'd do without him," Joe says, his voice hoarse with anguish. Frustrated, he slams his hand against the wall.

Lucy is bemused by Kevin's proposal. She reminds him that he already proposed to her once. But that was the "old Kevin" he tells her. This new Kevin will walk through fire for her. He reveals how he's put the past behind him and that he's looking forward to life and adventure with her. She happily accepts and kisses him.


Eve and Scott are looking pretty cozy in the dim cab of his truck. "Why'd you call me?" he asks her again. She replies that something told her that he'd come, that he'd be there for her. She tells him to thank Serena for her stuffed animal and tries to hand it back to him, and he grasps her wrist. As he holds her hand, their eyes meet and they share a startled, revealing moment. The moment is cut short when Eve's beeper goes off. Scott agrees to drive her to the hospital.

Mary has called a priest and wonders aloud to Mike just where is good Father Wysocki. (Oops! Don't ask!)

Bennett Devlin meets Julie in the hallway and asks her out. Upset, she tells him about Frank and how worried she is. She begins to embrace him when Grace shows up. "How's Frank?" Julie blurts. "The first word out of his mouth was 'Julie'," Grace replies. Without a backward glance at Dad, Julie rushes off to see Frank.

Bennett follows her and sees Chris outside the ER. Bennett is distracted by his daughter's preoccupation with Frank, but manages to tell Chris that he intends to have a talk with him. Ellen chases Ramsey back to work.

Julie gushes happily over Frank, telling him that she doesn't intend to waste any more of their time together arguing. He tries to say something but then appears to experience distress and his monitors start beeping.

Scott arrives with Eve. She bumps into Devlin and he says, "Forgive me." She retorts, "Not a chance." Scott notices the encounter, but doesn't put two and two together. Ellen comes and chases Eve back to work. Karen shows up and tells Scott about Kevin being brought in.

Kevin plans to go see Victor and then leave with Lucy. As she's talking with him about their plans, Kevin's eyes roll back and he passes out cold. The episode ends with him on the floor and Lucy calling for help.

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