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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Monday 9/22/97

by Dani


Karen has her overnight express package from Jagger. She tells the gossipy nurse that she is going to take her break on the roof and not to page her except for emergencies. As she walks away, Joe Scanlon hurries up to her and snatches the package and her clipboard.

Bennett Devlin is being dried off by the waiter. He had forgotten about Eve's penchant for theatrics. She'd forgotten what a jerk he was.

Serena is working on a school project that features pictures of her family. She wishes that she had a picture of Lucy in her bridesmaid dress because she was so beautiful in it. Scott agrees. He says that Kevin must know that he's got the most beautiful bridesmaid there. As he speaks, though, he's got a very pained expression on his face.

Kevin has slipped away from Sonny & Brenda's wedding in order to see Victor. He startles the poor old guy out of a sound sleep. He explains that he got a very strong feeling that something was wrong and felt compelled to return and see if Victor was all right.

In the room below them, Cooper is wrestling the body of the priest into his hospital bed. He tears strips of cloth and soaks them in alcohol. He starts to arrange them on the floor next to a canister of oxygen.

Act I

Joe realizes that he's snatched an envelope from Jagger. He explains that Boardman has been screaming for a certain chart and he thought that Karen had it. Karen wants to take her break, but Grace puts a damper on that when she tells them that Boardman needs both of them right away. Karen puts the envelope away and they leave. The gossipy nurse speculates about Joe and Karen. Grace tells her to mind her own business.

At the hoity-toity restaurant, Eve is telling Bennett about how happy she had been during the first week of their relationship. She didn't realize the price she was paying. "What price?" he growls. "My independence," she replies. She asks him if he doesn't miss having one person who really cared about him. "I used to care," she tells him in a voice rife with pity. He leaves her without paying the check.

Scott gets a phone call from Eve. She's in desperate need of a favor.

Kevin tells a befuddled Victor that he plans to come by in the morning to see him, that they're moving him to an apartment. Victor blurts out, "Lucy...?" That reminds Kevin that he skipped out of the wedding without letting Lucy know where he was going. He goes to call her, but then realizes that she probably hasn't even left the reception, so he doesn't.

Cooper talks to the dead man about his favorite nurse. He recommends sponge baths. He uses the call button, opens the valve on the oxygen canister, and waits.

Act II

After Boardman's emergency, Karen and Joe come back to the nurse's station. Karen is ranting about the way that Boardman treats her until Joe gets her to lighten up. She says she really wants to take her break and Joe says, "Go read your letter." As she goes to get the letter, Joe asks Grace if she's ready to leave. She is and they head for the elevator. Before the doors close, Joe looks wistfully over at Karen. She's preoccupied with her package from Jagger.

Eve stalls the waiter. Finally, Scott and Serena show up. She makes up a story about her date getting called away and how she forgot her wallet. It's obvious that this story doesn't impress Scott.

Kevin sits at Victor's bedside as he sleeps. In the room below, Cooper has grabbed the nurse from behind. He makes her put a cigarette between her lips. He backs away from her and lights a match. He touches it to the alcohol-soaked cloth strips and then runs through the door before the explosion.


Joe and Grace end up at the Recovery Room. It's quite empty because everyone is at Brenda and Sonny's wedding. Grace tries to get him to acknowledge the patient he lost. He tells her that he was an EMT and a Paramedic, that he's grown used to handling those kind of setbacks. What concerns him more, he says, is the way that Boardman treats Karen. Grace tells him that Karen has to learn to take care of herself. She also points out how obsessed he is and they joke about him not being able to go without mentioning something about GH.

Karen reads Jagger's letter on the rooftop . He writes about being a cop and losing himself in his work. He writes how it's not fair to her. "You've never used the word 'divorce...'" he writes, and Karen looks up from the letter, stricken and near tears.

As Scott prepares to bail Eve out, she tells him that he has really saved her life. Scott acknowledges that in silence and then pops the question: "Why did you call me?" Eve smiles.

Victor's room is wrecked by the explosion from Cooper's room below. Victor is unconscious on the bed and has a head wound. The camera slowly pans over to where Kevin is also laying unconscious with a cut on his head. We can hear the steady hiss and crackle of fire...and then we fade out....

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