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Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Friday 9/19/97

by Dani


At the restaurant, Eve is pretty ticked off that Bennett Devlin is so late. As Serena noted earlier, Eve is looking a lot like "Out on the Town Barbie," which is pretty snazzy for a dinner date she didn't want to go on. When Devlin does show up, he brings flowers and sweet talk.

At GH, the nurses gossip about Joe Scanlon. He must be seeing someone, notes one nurse. Grace tells her that he's not. Joe approaches the nurses' station where Karen is working. They stare at each other, reliving the night before when passion almost carried them away. Karen doesn't say a word as she leaves the nurses' station. Grace asks Joe if they've had a fight. Joe says no but adds that it's a good thing they don't have to work together tonight. Shouldn't have said that, Joe. Dr. Boardman appears and orders the two of them to work together.

Kevin is berating Victor's doctor at Forest Hills. Victor doesn't belong in the hospital, he should be in one of the outpatient apartments. The doctor tries to reassure Kevin that Victor will be moved right after his admission tests.

Cooper tells the priest he tricked into coming to the hospital that he's sinned big time. He puts on a pathetic act to draw the priest in closer and then grabs him by the neck and chokes him.

Act I

Eve and Bennett sit down to "start over," as he puts it. They banter about the past and then he confesses that he's missed her and that no one has ever been able to take her place.

Joe and Karen are finishing up with a mountain biker who broke her leg. They appear to be completely at ease. The biker is anxious to compete in an upcoming bike race. She accuses Joe and Karen of dating. "You're a couple, I can tell." Afterward, Boardman tells them that their "cute couple" bedside manner was effective, even though it's a little too touchy-feely for his taste. After he leaves, Joe and Karen try to talk, but things are very awkward. Joe says that if she needs space, he's got lots of space to give.

Kevin talks with Victor in his room. He still feels bad about the accommodations they've given Victor. When the doctor arrives to examine Victor, Kevin tells his dad that he must go to a wedding and that he'll be back afterward. He then asks the doctor if security would be a problem if he wants to go check on Greg Cooper. Doctor Nelson says that Cooper isn't going to be a problem to anyone.

Au contraire! Cooper is kneeling over the dead priest and checking the size of his clothing.

Act II

Bennett really lays on the charm with Eve. How she's changed, he marvels. Just when did she become such a strong young woman? Eve appears to be eating this with a spoon. They drink champagne. Bennett wonders if Eve thought he'd forget the bubbly. They reminisce about Eve getting plastered on their first date. Do you hate me, he asks. She answers, no. He apologizes for every having hurt her. "I built my life around you," she says with a trace of bitterness. "A better man would have looked after your interests," he soothes.

<<<<<<<<<<Unfortunately we now break for a Weather Alert concerning a Tornado Alert>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We return to the hospital where Karen and Rhonda are talking about Jagger. They are interrupted when Boardman calls Karen and Joe over. He tells them that the mountain biker has thrown an embolism and died. He's obviously having difficulty breaking the news to them. I half expected him to somehow accuse Joe and Karen of some kind of shoddy follow up, but in a rare show of humanity, Boardman says that he's already informed the girl's parent and he really hates this part of the job. Karen is very upset but won't let Joe help or support her. She rushes away.

Kevin is on his way to see Cooper, who is now in the priest robes. The dead priest is clad in Cooper's hospital gown, but he's still on the floor.


Bennett levels a veiled threat at Eve. Could he really have her kicked out of GH? She stands firm. Now he gets nasty. He says that she's only been impressed by money, sex and position. He says she was always more agreeable when she was drunk and wonders what her response to his offer might have been had she drunk more champagne. "Don't let me keep you in suspense," she tells him and takes another sip before throwing the rest at him. "Screw you," she says.

Outside the hospital, Rhonda tries to help Karen. She encourages her to seek out Joe so they can help each other through this.

In the lounge, Grace is trying to help Joe. He tells her that if you don't learn to handle this stuff on your own, it'll be a long, depressing career. He says he just needs to get away and would she like to come with him? She agrees.

The gossipy nurse from before tells Karen that an overnight express package arrived for her from Jagger. (Now THAT's interesting!)

In Cooper's room, Kevin is addressing the apparently comatose Cooper. The covers are pulled right up to Cooper's chin to hide his new clothes. Kevin doesn't notice the dead priest on the floor on the other side of Cooper's bed. He tells Cooper that it's going to be proven that he injected himself with insulin to cause the second seizure and then, once again, we are

<<<<<<<<interrupted for another blankety-blank Weather Alert>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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