Port Charles Daily Update


Port Charles Daily Update

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Port Charles Update Thursday 9/18/97

by Georgian

At the hospital, Scotty shows Serena the plaque honoring her mother's gift of a pediatric AIDS wing. Hoping to put his daughter's fears about the hospital to rest, Scotty explains to Serena how much Dominique loved working with sick children even when she herself wasn't feeling very well.

Posing as his father, Greg phones the local Catholic church and asks for a confidential favor for a certain patient at Forest Hills. Greg convinces a priest to come hear his confession before he's transferred back into police custody.

Unaware that her roommate's hot date is with Bennett, Julie teases Eve about her obvious plans for a big evening out on the town. Bennett warns Julie how he accidentally let it slip to Joe that they are father and daughter. Later, Frank tells Julie that her father's so-called slip of the tongue was no accident at all. Though Frank urges his friend not to let Bennett manipulate her so badly, Julie insists that her father has only her best interests at heart.

Matt coaxes Ellen into loosening up enough to join him for dinner.

Chris' perpetual brown-nosing earns him an increased workload from Dr. Boardman and ruins his hopes for a night off.

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